MP: the appointment of Gryzlov can be seen as a signal to Kiev

MP: the appointment of Gryzlov can be seen as a signal to Kiev

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin appointed Boris Gryzlov, Plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the contact group on Ukraine, the corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information Saturday.

MOSCOW, 26 Dec. The appointment of Boris Gryzlov to the post of Plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation in the contact group on Ukraine can be regarded as a signal to official Kiev’s readiness to strengthen cooperation between countries in solving some of the problems, says member of the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Vasily Likhachev.

Commenting on the appointment, Likhachev noted that Gryzlov has serious political public experience.

“I think this assignment should even be considered as a very serious message of the Russian Federation for the official Kyiv with the aim of strengthening ties and cooperation in addressing both political and military, political and even allow trade and economic relations”, — said the Deputy.

Likhachev also suggested that the appointment can be seen as a signal to official Brussels, “structures, especially the European Union, which opens on 1 January for the start of the agreement on free trade area between Kyiv and Brussels”.

“The signal such that the Russian Federation is ready to strengthen the work in the triangle Brussels-Kiev-Moscow on the definition and resolution of the issues that have arisen in the field of trade and economic interactions of the countries in this triangle,” he said.

The Deputy noted that in any case the decision is positive, it pragmatic and has, from his point of view, a perspective, not only for state estimation problems in Russian-Ukrainian relations, but also to solve them.