A weak Euro has increased the revenue of German companies

Moscow. December 28. Revenue hundreds of the largest companies in Germany increased by 8.2% in January-September 2015 to 1.2 trillion euros, the report said the consulting company Ernst & Young (EY). About 80% of the incoming to this list of companies was able to increase turnover for the first 9 months of this year, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to experts, a weak Euro increases the revenue of German companies, since it increases the attractiveness of their products in the international market.

“The strength of the German economy, as before, is based on industry, primarily the automotive sector and mechanical engineering,” says EY expert Thomas harms.

The best results following the results of January-September have shown automakers Daimler and BMW.

However the report States that the profit before taxes and interest (EBIT) of the hundreds of companies decreased by 9.8%, to 74.4 billion euros due to crisis situations within E. On, Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen, who were forced to conduct a large-scale write-offs. However two-thirds of the largest corporations of Germany increased its profit over this period.

Experts expect a continued trend towards revenue growth next year, as the Euro will remain weak paired with the US dollar. But there are risks, “including sharp fluctuations in stock prices, exchange rates and prices of raw materials – global economy at present is still far from stable positive development,” said harms.