Dvorkovich promised the extension of sanctions against Turkey

Dvorkovich promised the extension of sanctions against Turkey

Moscow. December 28. The Deputy Chairman of the RF government Arkady Dvorkovich said that Russia will expand the list of measures taken in response to hostile actions of Turkey.

“We have no problem to refuse to cooperate fully with Turkey, we believe that we need an adequate response to the unfriendly actions, and the answer we started to give a few days ago. There will be follow up actions, which will be announced. The Prime Minister already announced their meetings. We will move consistently in this way until an adequate reaction, I mean, what the President of Russia”, – said Deputy Prime Minister in interview to TV channel “Russia-24” (VGTRK)

Relations between Moscow and Ankara soured after a Russian su-24 bomber who took part in counter-terrorism operations in Syria, was shot down on 24 November, the Turkish fighter jet over Syrian territory.

This incident provoked a strong reaction from the Russian authorities. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that an attack on Turkish military aircraft Russian military aircraft was a “stab in the back” by the “supporters of terrorists”, adding that the incident will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.

On 28 November, the President signed a decree on application of special economic measures against Turkey, according to which from 1 January 2016 imposed a ban on imports to Russia of Turkish vegetables and fruits, carnations, frozen poultry meat and salt. Also from 1 January 2016 for citizens of Turkey cancelled the visa-free travel to Russia. In addition, according to the decree, the Russian tour operators should refrain from work on the Turkish direction. The government of the Russian Federation from December 1, 2015 imposed a ban on Charter plane flights to Turkey except for flights operated for the transportation of Russian tourists from this country.