In Yoshkar-Ola elected a new mayor

In Yoshkar-Ola elected a new mayor

The Assembly of deputies of Yoshkar-Ola Eugene Maslov was elected the new mayor of the city. Previously this position was held by Pavel Plotnikov, who was suspected of taking a bribe.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 28 Dec –. The Assembly of deputies of Yoshkar-Ola (Republic of Mari El) on Monday was elected mayor Eugene Maslov, in this position, he was replaced by Pavel Plotnikov, suspected of taking bribes, according to the city Council.

The Assembly of deputies of Yoshkar-Ola on November 25 by the public Prosecutor took the decision on early termination of the contract with the city’s mayor Pavel Plotnikov in connection with loss of trust. The acting then was appointed Eugene Maslov.

The documents for participation in the competition to fill the post of head of the city administration (the mayor) gave two candidates – Maslov and the Deputy head of the Department of education Yoshkar-Ola Vadim Uskov. The city Council decides to appoint the mayor from among the candidates presented by the competitive Commission by results of competition. The Commission recommended both candidates.

“The deputies unanimously voted for Maslova,” said the representative of city Council, adding that today’s meeting was attended by 29 members.

SK the Russian Federation on 4 December reported that against the former mayor of Yoshkar-Ola Plotnikova prosecuted on bribery. According to investigators, in June 2014, the carpenters, being the first Deputy mayor of the city of Yoshkar-Ola — the Chairman of Committee on management of municipal property of administration, received from the businessman a bribe in the form of an apartment worth 4 million rubles for the provision of assistance and elimination of obstacles in the exercise of commercial activities.