The portfolio of foreign projects of Rosatom in 2015 exceeded $110 billion

The portfolio of foreign projects of Rosatom in 2015 exceeded $110 billion

MOSCOW, December 28. Portfolio of foreign orders “Rosatom” on the 10-year period by the end of 2015 exceeded $110 billion, said a source in the state Corporation.

“The portfolio of foreign contracts over 10 years to the end of 2015 exceeded $110 billion,” he said, adding that the export revenue of “Rosatom” in 2015, increased from $5.2 billion to $6.4 billion.

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The portfolio of orders is formed not only by contracts for the construction of new nuclear power stations, but supplies of enriched uranium, natural uranium, nuclear fuel contracts in the field service maintenance and supply of equipment.

The portfolio of foreign projects of Rosatom for the beginning of 2015 was $101,4 billion.

The source also noted that “Rosatom” expects to increase within two years the portfolio of orders for their foreign projects up to $160 billion “In the next two years aim to increase the portfolio of overseas orders up to 160 billion dollars,” he said, adding that by the end of 2015 the volume of foreign orders of the Corporation exceeded $110 billion.

As stated earlier the first Deputy head of “Rosatom” Kirill Komarov, the Corporation expects in the next five years to sign foreign contracts for the construction of new power units, totalling some 30 to 40 new nuclear power plants construction abroad.

Cooperation with Egypt

The source noted that Rosatom expects to sign in 2016 the contract for the construction of a nuclear power station in Egypt. “The contract for the construction of nuclear power plants in Egypt is scheduled to conclude in the first quarter of 2016”, – he said.

Moscow and Cairo signed an intergovernmental agreement on construction in the Arab Republic NPP, comprising four power units of 1200 MW each by 19 November 2015. The station will be built on the site near Dabaa. Survey work at the NPP site in Egypt, “Rosatom” planned to begin in December 2015.

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Countries also agreed on granting the Russian state export credit for the project in the amount of $25 billion Egypt expects that power generation at the first unit nuclear power plant in Dabaa will begin in 2024. As reported previously, the newspaper “al-Akhbar”, the country has already started to work engineers and geologists, and by the end of December, the number of Russian experts will be 39 people. They, in particular, will be engaged in research to determine the boundaries of future project engineering and its coordinates.

NPP will be built on the Northern coast of the country, 3.5 km from the Mediterranean sea in the area from 149 to 164 km of motorway near the town of El-Alamein.

Cooperation with India

In addition, according to a source, “Rosatom” counts in the beginning of the year to sign the agreement on construction of the 5th and 6th block of NPP “Kudankulam” in India. “We expect that the General framework agreement on construction of the 5th and 6th units in India will be signed in early 2016”, – he noted.

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With the assistance of the Russian Federation in India has already built and put into commercial operation the first unit of NPP “Kudankulam”. The construction of the second is also complete, and in the near future he should be launched. Only Russia plans to build in India up to 16 nuclear reactors in different regions of the country.

“Rosatom” in December 2015, also signed a program of localization of production in India for nuclear power plants of Russian design. As stated earlier, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, reached agreement on the allocation of the Indian side is another site for the construction of power units of Russian design.

The VTB loan

As it became known from materials procurement, VTB Bank opened a credit line for Rosatom to 30 billion rubles. Funds will be used to Finance subsidiaries of the Corporation – Atomenergoprom. To raise funds Rosatom has announced a tender, which was attended by VTB, Gazprombank and Alfa-Bank. The winner of VTB.

The line of credit will be granted for 5 years, with interest on the loan under the terms of the contract may not exceed 17,766 billion.

Earlier it was reported that Atomenergoprom is planning to conclude with Sberbank the agreement to attract overdraft credit of up to $ 10 billion. The credit period not exceeding 12 months. Atomenergoprom is an integrated company consolidating civil assets of Rosatom. The company provides full production cycle in nuclear power engineering – from uranium mining to NPP construction and electricity generation.