“Serious message”: reaction to the decision of Alexey Chaly resignation

“Serious message”: reaction to the decision of Alexey Chaly resignation

SEVASTOPOL, December 29. /Corr. Janina Vaskovsky/. Alexey Chaly said that resigning from the post of Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol.

He explained his decision by saying that “in General the work of authorities is unsatisfactory at this reporting stage, and for that someone should be held responsible. I think, first of all it should be responsible the person who headed the party list, declaring such purposes, that is me”.

“The issue will be discussed”

The resignation of Alexei Chaly will become a legal fact only after the MPs will adopt a corresponding resolution, said the journalists Deputy Chairman of the city Parliament Catherine Altybaeva.

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“The issue will be discussed. While there is no legal document that completes this procedure, about any results to speak it is impossible. Deputy it will remain in any case. There is a potential possibility that the deputies will not accept the statement of Alexei Mikhailovich of resignation. But they expressed a point of view needs to be taken into account,” said Altybaeva.

In her opinion, the statement by Chaly resignation should be considered as “serious message (the message) the Executive power of the city.” “This act characterizes it as an honest and upright man. He never takes responsibility in the most difficult moments. If he made that decision, then it was balanced and reasonable. He probably expects certain results. This is a serious message for the Executive,” said Altybaeva.

“To put before the fact is not quite correct”

Alex Chlomo should have been discussed with the city authorities the question of his resignation before making the final decision, said Senator Andrey Sobolev, representing in Council of Federation Executive power of Sevastopol.

“Such things in a city like this figure ought to speak with those with whom he shares responsibility and authority,” – said the Senator. “Don’t just inform, but to think that would follow. To put before the fact is not quite correct”, – said Sobolev. “I would like greater transparency and preparedness in this decision, the Legislature is a serious organ that must be consolidated with the government,” he added.

This Senator is not inclined to link the resignation of the sea with its complex relations with the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo. “Relations were strained for a long time, but not because of this relationship of person writing letter of resignation”, – Sobolev noted, stressing that expresses a personal opinion and can’t give a more in-depth assessment of what is happening, as have not had time to understand all the details. “A person may be a thousand reasons both personal and public character,” added the MP.

“For us this decision was a surprise”

The faction “United Russia” in legislative Assembly of Sevastopol until there are no candidates for the post of speaker following the resignation Chaly, said the Chairman of fraction Vyacheslav Aksenov.

“My personal opinion: legally Aleksei Mikhailovich (Chaly) can replace any MP, and in fact, comparable figures we have,” – said the Chairman of the faction.

“For us this decision was a surprise. We have not yet discussed candidates for the post of President,” added Vyacheslav Aksenov.

“Played in advance”

The resignation of Alexei Chaly may adversely affect the rating of the Governor of the city Sergey meniailo. This opinion was expressed by Director of research of Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political studies” (ISAPI) Alexander Pozhalov.

He noted that Chaly is one of the most popular politicians in Sevastopol and in the regional Parliament there is a large group of supporters. Thus, the political scientist recalled that the legislature had repeatedly criticized the actions of the Executive.

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In the opinion of the Fire, the resignation of the sea could strengthen its position in the eyes of public opinion, allowing him to build a political public image, stressing “one of the key properties for public policy – loyalty to one’s word, honesty to the voters”. “Chaly said repeatedly that if the conflict between the legislature and the Executive in Sevastopol will not be resolved, then both parties would do well to resign”, – said the expert.

“I think that this will have a negative impact on the rating of the mayor. I Menyailo, according to previous sociological research, and so there was quite a high rating, in Sevastopol there was great dissatisfaction with city power”, – said the representative of ISAPI.

In his opinion, saying now about retirement, Chaly “played in advance” and “holds the political initiative”. “In such circumstances the Governor need any clear, public steps to build relationships with the Legislature, including, Chaly and his supporters”, – said the analyst. Another option for Menyailo, said the Fire, – “to present convincing evidence that it is because of the position of the legislative Assembly, the Executive power of Sevastopol are unable to fulfil the promises that existed.”

“The next step”

The head of the Fund of civil society development (Fcsd) Konstantin Kostin believes that I now need to wait for some steps from the Governor of Sevastopol. “Much will depend on which from this point of conflict will be the next step. The head of the city should offer a program to its supporters and those who support Chaly, worked together,” he said.

While Kostin stressed that any confrontation between the legislature and the Executive has negative consequences for social well-being of the population.

In the December issue of rating the efficiency of governors, which is regularly Fcsd, including on the basis of indices of social well-being, the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo took 51 th place, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov – 28. Commenting on the rating results, Kostin said earlier that “in Sevastopol, of course, need to address the issue of interaction between the Executive and the legislature”. “If there is no built workable, acceptable to all groups of elites the configuration, we may encounter some problems that will lead to negative dynamics in the rating”, – said the analyst.