The head of Crimea signed the resignation of the Finance Minister and the Minister of industry

The head of Crimea signed the resignation of the Finance Minister and the Minister of industry

SIMFEROPOL, December 29. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov signed the resignation of the Finance Minister and the Minister of industry of the Republic. He said this on his official page in Facebook.

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“Today has signed the resignation of Finance Minister Vladimir Lewandowski and Minister of industrial policy Andrei Skrynnik. The resignation was announced, and for anybody are not a surprise,” – said Aksenov.

Aksenov believes that the criteria for the persons holding public offices must be clearly defined. “It’s suitability, he said. If half the work in these ministries are performed by the head of the Republic, probably, it was necessary to raise the question of whether the Ministers to their positions”.

Who will take the place of retired officials

In place of Lewandowski appointed Irina Civico. “She’s an experienced man, working in the Ministry, has proven that it can clearly and quickly make the right management decisions”, – stressed the head of the Crimea.

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The candidacy of the new Minister of industrial policy, he said, will be presented after the holidays.

Aksenov also stressed that all officials in the Executive branch of Crimea, “in fact, undergo a certain trial period, so to speak, “course of the young fighter”. “We continue reformatting commands. Sometimes you have to act by trial and error, but the other options we have today is not” – said the head of the Crimea.

Yesterday on a press-conferences following the results, Aksenov announced a reshuffle in the Crimean government. According to him, some officials are checking and “information is transferred in law enforcement bodies”.

Personnel shifts in the Republic

This year in Crimea has changed several Ministers.

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In the middle of the summer deputies of the state Council has sent in resignation of the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic Elena Yurchenko, recognizing the work of the Department in preparation for the tourist season 2015 unsatisfactory. After the execution of the ambulance station in Simferopol took the head of Ministry of health Alexander Mogilevsky. With the beginning of energokrizisa Aksenov dismissed the Minister of fuel and energy Sergey Yegorov and his Deputy. The work of all the officials in emergency situations is now studying the Prosecutor’s office.