CEC stands ready to assist all parties in organizing the primaries

MOSCOW, December 30. The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation is ready to provide organizational and technical support in conducting primaries to all registered Russian parties. This was reported to journalists by the head of the Ministry Vladimir Churov.

“We are ready to help organizationally and technically in the conduct of primary elections of all political parties registered in the Russian Federation”, – he told, answering a question.

Earlier about holding primaries to determine candidates for elections to the state Duma, said the party “United Russia”. The regulation of primary elections will be approved at the first stage of the party Congress in February of 2016, primaries will be held on may 22.

Gas “Vybory”

In addition, the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation in March organizes all-Russian training on the conduct of elections of deputies of the state Duma and combined them with regional and municipal campaigns. The corresponding decision is accepted on Wednesday at session of the Commission.


Gas “Vybory” allows to solve tasks of organization of the electoral process at all stages – planning of elections, registration of voters, enter information about the candidates, voting, tabulation and subsequent statistical processing of the results. The system is designed with functions of coordination of work of election commissions of different levels, almost in real time you can sum up the voting results.

In the course of training will be worked out mechanisms for the use by election commissions of the state automated system “Elections” (gas “Vybory”).

“The timing of preparatory stage from 10 February to 10 March, the date of the main stage from 15 March to 25 March”, – stated in the decree of the CEC. CEC member Valery Kryukov said that directly in day of voting will be simulated during training on March 23.

Within a month after completing training the CEC Secretariat requested to compile reports from the regions and draw a conclusion about the readiness of the state Election to vote.

Duma elections held on 18 September 2016 under a mixed system: 225 deputies will be elected on party lists, yet the same in single-mandate constituencies. In 38 regions scheduled elections of the legislative assemblies in five regions – the election of top officials.