Lavrov: the U.S. government begin to understand that terrorism is worse than Assad, Hussein and Gaddafi

Lavrov: the U.S. government begin to understand that terrorism is worse than Assad, Hussein and Gaddafi

MOSCOW, December 30. The current US administration is becoming increasingly understanding that the terrorism in Syria and the middle East is much worse than Assad, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. This opinion was expressed by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in interview to TV channel “Star”, answering the question about whether we can expect that after the presidential election in the USA has a chance to end the Syrian crisis.

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“It is very difficult to say what will happen with U.S. foreign policy in Syria and the region as a whole after the elections, – said Lavrov. – Lots of examples of election pledges and then either forgotten, or the President is unable to fulfil them”.

“For example, the prison at Guantanamo, which he promised to close the U.S. President Barack Obama, stated the Minister. His bright promise was, “We will close this shameful prison in Guantanamo, which contradicts all American values, the Constitution and so forth.” Promised to deal with “flying prisons” of the CIA in Eastern Europe – there is also nothing happened, all “shall be swept under the carpet”.

“But now the current administration definitely matured understanding that the terrorism in Syria and the middle East is much worse than Bashar al-Assad than were Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – Now, more than a year, they begin to prepare for the presidential elections, and everything that is done on the foreign policy front, the us administration immediately tries on how it will backfire on the rating”.

On chemical weapons

According to Lavrov, the West goes on about someone’s whims, claiming that while solving the issue of chemical demilitarization Syria, the President of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad was legitimate, and now have ceased to be such.

“If we measure our sense this year, “foreign policy yardstick” that ended with the hardest and most important process of chemical demilitarization Syria, he said. – Pay attention to it, because this year were finally summed up, and it happened at a time when we continue to actively seek a political settlement of the Syrian crisis”.

Lavrov stressed that “some of our counterparts say that they (the political settlement) only if Assad is guaranteed to not be present in the political process and in future structures, because it is illegitimate.” “But Assad has been perfectly legitimate, when it was necessary to remove and destroy chemical weapons from Syria – said the Minister. – Resolutions of the UN Security Council and the OPCW, which welcomed the decision of the Syrian government to join the Convention on chemical weapons. Everything was fine and there were no issues that it’s illegitimate partner”.

“I have often said and will repeat again: I am convinced that the terrorist threat is no less serious than the threat of chemical weapons, the more that it becomes global and applies to only one Syria, said the Russian foreign Minister. – Now you cannot afford the luxury of going on about someone’s whims, saying that Syrian President Bashar Assad was legitimate, and this year has ceased to be so”.

Lavrov reminded that in addition to addressing the issue of Syrian chemical weapons, in 2015 was settled one of the greatest problems of the last decade negativly tensions in international relations – the Iranian nuclear program. “Around it was negotiated, and was found a healthy balance of interests that ensures Iran’s right to peaceful development of nuclear energy, including uranium enrichment (that was the main interest of our partners Tehran), and at the same time ensures the regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons” – Lavrov said.

“There is a solution”

The way out of the Syrian crisis recorded in the last resolution of the UN security Council, Lavrov said.

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“There is a solution, – said the Minister. – The output recorded in the last resolution of the UN security Council. I watch our talk shows, where many people take all this to heart. They say that it won’t work, because the resolution made no specific arrangements about terrorists, about who will represent the delegation of the opposition. However, the resolution clearly gives a double beep. First, we want the political process started in January. Secondly, the UN picked up the delegation, relying not only on any one opposition group, and on the results and participants of all meetings held in the last 1.5-2 years. One of them referred to the Moscow meeting, the meeting in Cairo and a recent meeting in Riyadh”.

“It is also clear that the terrorists at the negotiating table should not be designated, and we have some of the participants of the last round of meetings, there are issues because they represent the two groups that we consider to be terrorists, – said Lavrov. – “Jaish al-Islam” is regularly bombed residential areas of Damascus – they are the mortar attack hit our Embassy. The second – “Ahrar al-sham”, which grows directly from “al-Qaeda”, which is prohibited under the UN security Council”.

“But the Syrian epic still have a chance on the basis of that resolution, which, of course, should be clarified”, – said the Minister.

“Before, there were the crusaders, and now antiresonance”

Lavrov believes that to really fight terrorism, you must eradicate it for economic reasons.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation drew attention that the promotion is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) about the luxury of the West, aimed at the poor of the planet, affects the recruitment for ISIS.

“There were many stories about taking the kids young age, seven or eight years of coaching kids how to pass the obstacle course in military camps, the Minister said. – Is a zombie on the theme that in the world there is no justice, never having to wait for this “Golden billion” of any real change, except for handouts from which neither heat nor cold. Therefore, we must ourselves take in hand their destiny and achieve happiness. Before there were the crusaders, and now antiresonance. Roughly, of course, but it happens.”

The Minister recalled the words of President Vladimir Putin, who, speaking at the UNGA, said that the fight against terrorism and its most brutal manifestations is necessary in a complex. “Whether it’s aircraft over the Sinai, the terrorist attacks in Paris or what happened in most countries in the region and continues to happen every day – explosions in the mosque, in the Church – said the Minister. – But we must do so and with the economic causes of terrorism, and this means that you need to seriously take up the agenda for sustainable development for these regions sustainable development”.

“A long time ago, when I developed the concept of official aid to poor countries, one of the smartest politicians said, “Let’s not bait them to give every time, and teach them to fish”, – continued the Minister. – You can’t just put the food that decrease, some medicines from abroad, to their “plant” in reference to the former metropolis, and the need to establish a production plant, to teach them, build schools. This is receiving increasing attention. Of course, this requires a huge amount of effort, time and money”.

“The change will happen soon, but process is correct. It should, of course, to cut the funding to break the link with drug trafficking, illegal oil trading and anything – it’s all part of the struggle with manifestations,” Lavrov said.