The results of the year in the Urals: the discovery of “Yeltsin Centre”, “Armata” in memory of and agreement with China

The results of the year in the Urals: the discovery of “Yeltsin Centre”, “Armata” in memory of and agreement with China

EKATERINBURG, December 30. The opening of Russia’s first Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin, arms exhibition RAE-2015, agreement with China, signed at the international industrial exhibition “Innoprom” became one of the major events of 2015 in the Middle Urals. Also here passed the championship of working professions-tech industries according to the method of WorldSkills and started the main phase of the preparation of Ekaterinburg for the upcoming world Cup.

The Opening Of “Yeltsin Centre”

Russia’s first Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin has been opened in Yekaterinburg on November 25. According to the Naina Yeltsin, the Center founded the new Russian political tradition.

“We are witnessing the birth of a new political tradition of respect to the departed with the high position of the leader and his heritage. I hope that the first Presidential center will be an example of what the leader of the country and its time we can talk without trying to flatter him and hide the problems with this time bound, ” he said in an interview with the wife of the first President of the Russian Federation.

3 December
News Of The Urals

Experts: “Yeltsin Centre” became the point of attraction of tourists to the Sverdlovsk region

Among the artifacts of the Museum – the nuclear suitcase, which Yeltsin gave Vladimir Putin on 31 December 1999. Among the exhibits and a study of the first President of Russia, which migrated from the Kremlin in the Museum space. In the study preserved the table on which lay a folder marked “Secret” and summaries of Agency reports for December 31, 1999.

“Boris Nikolayevich is deeply aware of the dramatic overhaul, passed it through ourselves, through our conscience, through the soul, through the heart. Doubted, suffered, suffered. Know what the hardest tests you have to pass to our people. And when he took the decision to resign, we asked then, as we remember, the nation of Russia with a sincere, a truly confessional words – this was his power, and his honesty and his openness,” said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the opening of “Yeltsin Centre”.

Selfie with the “Armata”

The tenth exhibition Russia Arms Expo 2015 (RAE-2015) was the most massive in the history of. For four days, from 9 to 12 September, salon in Nizhny Tagil was visited by about 50 thousand people – it is twice more than the previous one. And almost every viewer’s memory remains in the photo on the background of the “Armata”, whether a high official or just a spectator.

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“Uralvagonzavod” is ready to equip the army with tanks “Armata” in five to ten years

Tank and infantry fighting vehicle on the platform “Armata” was first demonstrated at arm’s length. “While the new system was demonstrated only on static display. However, we hope that in 2017 the Ministry of defense will be allowed to show the combat capabilities of the platform,” – said Deputy CEO of Uralvagonzavod, Alexey Zharich.

Despite the sanctions, the number of foreign delegations at RAE increased. In the salon was attended by over 250 Russian and foreign companies. The exhibition was visited by delegations from 65 countries – 25 more than in 2013. With 13 States on RAE-2015 were presented at the level of Ministers of defence, chiefs of staff and the commander of land forces.

Agreement with China

More than 100 Chinese companies took part in international industrial exhibition “Innoprom-2015”, which took place from 8 to 11 July in Yekaterinburg. For the first time the partner country was China. Businessmen from China has introduced a new generation of carrier rocket “Changzheng”, environmentally friendly electric car with rechargeable battery Lifan model of the nuclear power plant. In addition, the turnover of the company presented new models of trains for high speed rail, including “Moscow – Kazan”.

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Company of China have signed 10 framework agreements with Russian partners on “Innoprom”

Drawing robot, and “brain-computer”: Innoprom’s industrial and intellectual

Medvedev at the Innoprom exhibition toured the new space suit and Russian helicopter ANSAT

“Chinese companies have signed 10 framework agreements with Russian partners on cooperation in various industries: construction of metro, railway transport, shipbuilding, automated system and robotics. To date, the negotiations between the partners are ongoing. According to our data, the amount of investment – hundreds of millions of dollars”, – said the Consul General of China in Yekaterinburg Tian Yong.

In the end, it became known that the Sverdlovsk region will become the permanent venue of the Russian-Chinese Expo. It is expected that the exhibition will take place alternately in Russia and China. Place in China – Harbin, in Russia – Yekaterinburg.

The first swallows of the 2018 world Cup

In 2015 kicked off the main phase of preparation of Ekaterinburg for the upcoming world Cup. On the streets of the regional center have already reached the first 58 eco-friendly low-floor buses procured in preparation for the world Cup. Major cities of the region have linked modern trains “Swallow”. At the end of July in Ekaterinburg has opened the first Russia 2018 world Cup stadium “Uralmash”.

But the highlight of the year was the launch of reconstruction of the Central stadium, which will become the main arena of the championship. The cost of the project is 12.7 billion rubles. The stadium will seat 35 thousand spectators.

Millionaire from working

The national championship of working professions through high-tech industries according to the method of WorldSkills (WorldSkills Hi-Tech) this year was held in Yekaterinburg for the second time. He defined the best representatives in 24 working professions. The main prize in 1 million roubles has received the employee of Rosatom – hereditary welder 6 discharge Alexander Boimamat.

The competition was attended by 220 youth workers from 30 regions of the Russian Federation, Germany, China, UAE, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Finland, Switzerland and South Africa.

The championship has shown that, in addition to standard disciplines, today, are also increasingly in demand jobs in high-tech industries – industrial robotics, laser technology, lifecycle management and aerospace engineering. Absolutely breakthrough competencies that are included in Future Skills, became neuromyotonia.