The results of the year in the Crimea: the dismissal of five Ministers, a gap ties with Ukraine and “Svetach”

The results of the year in the Crimea: the dismissal of five Ministers, a gap ties with Ukraine and “Svetach”

SIMFEROPOL, December 30. The Crimea accompanies the first full year in the status of Russian in the region. During this time, the authorities and ordinary citizens were able once more to unite and overcome many of the difficulties associated with the Ukrainian past.

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What was the Crimea during the year, together with Russia and what has changed in the life of its inhabitants – in a special project

At first it was terminated transport connections to the Peninsula on mainland, and then blocked the supply of products, and over all the power outage. Now these problems in the past.

To complete independence except one small thing: the launch of the remaining two legs of the power bridge, the laying of a second fiber optic cable and the continued construction of the transport passage, which has successfully replace the ferry crossing.

Breaking relations with Ukraine, and had to “change horses in midstream” – the Crimean government for the year left five Ministers. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov called the cause of the dismissal of mismatch to posts.

And the coming New year will be in Crimea really Russian – with snow. Two days before the holiday on the Peninsula was established subzero temperature and poured small piles of snow.

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Gap ties with Ukraine led to the fact that the Crimea many jokingly began to call “the island”. Meanwhile, he with the powerful Federal support continues to grow both economically and culturally. A couple of years – and it will not depend on Ukraine in anything, believe the Crimean authorities. Meanwhile, residents are willing to endure hardship, but would not ask about anything neighbors.

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“Ukraine has blocked the water did not work, blocked the railway failed, blocked vehicular message – nothing happened. The generation we have its not there, and it was understood that the effect of this will be, but coped with these problems. On the other hand, they rallied even more all Crimeans, – said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov in an interview. – Now running an energy bridge from Russia, built a road bridge. Ukrainian products in the stores anymore. So, we broke up completely.”

March 16, 2014 on the Peninsula held a referendum on self-determination, the results of which for the reunification with Russia voted 96,77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea and 95.6% of the Sevastopol. The turnout was more than 80%. However, Ukraine, the USA and the EU refused to recognize the independence of Crimea and its reunification with Russia.

The resignation of government members

Breaking relations with Ukraine, and had to “change horses in midstream” – the Crimean government for the year left five Ministers. The reasons were different, but, in the words of the Prosecutor of the Republic Natalia Poklonskaya, many officials simply can’t adapt to the Russian legislation.

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The resignation has not caused a clean understanding of the Crimean politicians

In the middle of the summer deputies of the state Council has sent in resignation of the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic Elena Yurchenko, recognizing the unsatisfactory preparation for the tourist season 2015. After the execution of the ambulance station in Simferopol took the head of Ministry of health Alexander Mogilevsky. With the beginning of energokrizisa Aksenov dismissed the Minister of fuel and energy Sergey Yegorov.

In the last new year’s eve resigned as Finance Minister Vladimir Levandovsky and industrial policy Minister Andrei Skrynnik.

Aksenov called the cause of their dismissal discrepancy to posts. “In my opinion, should be clearly defined criteria for persons occupying public posts. This professional suitability. If half the work in these ministries are performed by the head of the Republic, probably, it was necessary to raise the question of whether the Ministers to their posts,” he explained.

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There are questions to former Ministers and law enforcement agencies. “The Minister of Finance we have sent the document response the head of the Republic. It’s the same views, information, asking to bring to disciplinary liability. It is about the transfer of certain funds in the transition period, that is, the performance of professional duties”, – told the Prosecutor of the region Natalia Poklonskaya.

Commenting on the resignation of the Minister of industrial policy, Poklonskaya said that he was involved in the case of fraud with the property of the Bakhchsarai DISTRICT. “Skrynnik scandal was this year when a criminal case. Now there is a consequence, in the court case has not yet been issued,” said the Prosecutor.

The resignation of high-ranking officials can continue into next year, because “not adapted to the Russian legislation”. “Such is. A lot or a little can not say. Next year, I think that becoming aware of it”, – said Poklonsky.

The Kerch bridge: the number of tourists could grow to 10 million people

The issue of transport accessibility is now one of the sore points for the Crimea. This is due to the fact that the communication by land is between Ukraine and Crimea trains, buses and trucks. This “blockade” organized by former leaders of the Majlis and joined them activists of the banned in Russia “Right sector”.

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To resolve the issue should the Kerch bridge. Actual construction will begin after completion of all examinations, preparations are under way. In addition to technical conducted on-site archaeological work. Scientists have already found tens of thousands of fragments of ancient ceramic vessels in the Kerch Bay in preparation for the construction of the bridge.

The construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait provided by the Federal target program “Socially-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020”. Two will be built parallel to the bridge under the road and rail traffic. The final construction cost has not been determined, said earlier to journalists Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

The government contract for the design and construction of the bridge was signed on 17 February 2015 between PKU “Federal highways “Taman” and the company “stroygazmontazh”. In December of 2018 will complete construction and be opened to traffic on the bridge in the operating mode. In 2019, after the completion of all commissioning works and landscaping it will be put into operation. According to the forecast, the number of tourists in the Crimea with the commissioning of the bridge will increase from 4 to 8-10 million people a year.

Energy security

More than two million inhabitants of Crimea were left without electricity, and, therefore, without light and heat, in late autumn – on November 22, Ukrainian activists began a blockade of energy, undermining support all four lines feeding the grid of the Peninsula. However, the complexity of electricity was reported just for 2-3 hours, does not undermine the confidence of the Crimeans in the choice that was made in March 2014.

Fueled Patriotic sentiment, and enter the first leg of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region on 20 days ahead of schedule. The ceremony was attended by President Vladimir Putin. This news was a pleasant surprise for residents of the Crimea, which brought the hashtag “Svetach” at tops you’ll ever need. He continued the combination of “Crimea is ours”, which entered into the everyday life of Internet users during the referendum on self-determination of Crimea.

December 15 earned the second chain of the energy bridge, which will provide another 200 megawatts. Now through the Kerch Strait in the Crimea will receive more than 400 MW, the same amount will give the second phase, which will be launched before the summer of 2016. After that needs to be severed contracts with Ukraine for the supply of electricity, which are not executed: at the moment works only one of the four lines, supplying a total of 150 MW.

To ensure uninterrupted electricity to consumers and businesses Crimea is necessary to 1350 MW. Now own generation gives the order of 400 MW. Significantly change the situation with the construction of two thermal power plants with capacity of 940 MW. According to the new Minister of fuel and energy of Crimea Svetlana Borodulina, they can be introduced not earlier than in one and a half to two years.

FSB in Crimea is investigating a criminal case against the organizers of undermining the power lines on the territory of Ukraine under part 2 of article 281 of the criminal code “act of Sabotage”.

Hajj and mosque

One of the most controversial topics for Crimea remains an ethnic issue, which is trying to exploit the former leaders of the Mejlis. They argue about the oppression of the Crimean Tatars, but the facts say otherwise – for the first time in support of the deported 70 years ago people, billions of dollars.

As told the Vice-Premier of the government of the Republic Ruslan Balbec, unprecedented for the region amounted to more than 2 billion roubles and to solve some urgent problems. The money building housing for rehabilitated peoples, schools, roads, formed the media – the TV channel “millet” and radio station “Vatan sedasy”.

One of the “litmus paper” policy towards the Crimean Tatars is the Hajj, which this year tried to disrupt the Ukrainian authorities. Despite this it managed to make 322 a Muslim from the Crimea. Next year the quota for Crimeans plan to increase to about double to 600. The price of trips has decreased in two times.

Another illustrative decision is the beginning of the construction of the mosque, which the Muslims of the Crimea waited 15 years. “Constantly there were any obstacles. It was interesting and the group of Mustafa Dzhemilev’s (former leader of the Crimean Tatars). Because the place changed periodically because the rogues of Majlis every time sold to commercial structures the territory as determined under construction,” said Balbec. The money for the mosque has already been collected – 2 billion roubles from extrabudgetary sources.

Among the important measures for rehabilitation of Crimean Tatars is also worth noting that the Crimean Tatar language became the state, and Muslim holidays are made public holidays. “Overall, these facts – the construction of the mosque, the Hajj, the socio-economic and cultural issues – forced to abandon the idea of creating an image of Crimean Tatars as a people-sufferer,” the Balbec.

Tour wins

The Crimea this year began to promote itself as a year-round resort. This became evident after the launch of a special portal “a New year in the Crimea 2016”. The authors of the project, including the Ministry of tourism and the resort, with the slogan “Change the stereotypes” collected on the website all Christmas offers.

The authors of the special project in a separate section answered the question “Why go to the Crimea in the winter?”. “Walk above the clouds on the snow in the mountains, to visit a landmark in the history of our country places, to taste dishes of the Crimean Tatar cuisine and legendary wines of the Crimea”, – stated on the website.

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This New year will be in Crimea really Russian – with snow. Two days before the holiday on the Peninsula was established subzero temperature and poured small piles of snow.

Only on new year holidays Crimea plans to take 30 thousand tourists – it’s a little less than last year because of energy problems. For the same reason the region was not able to reach the target of 5 million tourists a year, providing service to 4.5 million people.

Thanks to the tourists, on the record came out this year Simferopol airport, providing service to 5 million passengers – twice more than last year. The air unit had moved to fifth place in passenger traffic among the Russian airports ahead of the Sochi and Krasnodar.

Record for passenger traffic will deliver this year and the Kerch ferry crossing. “Today, via the ferry from 1 January 2015 already carried 4.1 million passengers, 1 million cars and 240 thousands of trucks, thousands of buses 39. This volume of the transported ferry have not seen,” – said Aksenov.