Kiev trading introduces counter-sanctions against Moscow

Kiev trading introduces counter-sanctions against Moscow

The government of Ukraine adopted two resolutions concerning prohibition of import into the customs territory of goods from Russia and import duties for Russian goods.

KYIV, Jan 2 The Ukrainian authorities impose trade measures in response to the decision of the Russian authorities to suspend the free trade area with Ukraine within the CIS and to enter predamage on goods from Ukraine.

Russia from 1 January to protect its market for Ukraine imposed the customs duties and of grocery embargo similar to the one that applies to countries that supported anti-Russian sanctions. In addition, the state Duma adopted the law on the suspension from January 1, 2016 actions concluded within the CIS Treaty on free trade area (FTA) with Ukraine. The President earlier signed a decree that effectively means the introduction of Ukraine duties on most favoured nation treatment.

Kiev forced Moscow to wait a long time and promised to take mirror measures. Thus, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that allows the government to impose trade restrictions against Russia. After the law was signed by President of the government of Ukraine at its meeting on 30 December adopted two resolutions that are mirror response to Moscow’s decision to introduce predamage and the suspension of the free trade area (FTA) within the CIS.

As reported by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the first regulation deals with the prohibition of import into the customs territory of Ukraine of goods from Russia, the second resolution — on the rates of import duty for goods from Russia. According to trade representative of Ukraine Natalya Mykolska, two approved by the Cabinet of Ministers regulations specify that if the Russian Federation will not apply trade restrictions, restrictions on the part of Kiev will not be applied.

In turn, the Prime Minister promised that the decision on countermeasures of Ukraine which are directed on protection of Ukrainian producers and Ukrainian market, will be released “on the first day after the actual actions of the Russian side on introduction of restrictive measures for Ukrainian goods”. As you know, the decision of Moscow to cancel the FTA and progamable entered into force on the first day of the new year.

Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal of Ministry of economic development of Ukraine to suspend the FTA with Russia within the CIS between 2 January and 10 January to embargo on a number of goods.

“In response to the actions of the Russian Federation the Ministry of economic development and trade with participation of Central bodies of Executive power proposals on the setting from 2 January 2016 to products originating from the Russian Federation import duty rates MFN; the introduction from January 10, 2016 ban on the import of goods originating from Russian Federation”, — stated the essence of the proposals of the Ministry.

According to the list published previously, the Ministry of Ukraine, in the list of proemprego get vodka, confectionery, meat, chocolate and chocolates, baby food, fish, processed cheeses, Beers, filter cigarettes, food for dogs and cats and a number of other food products. Also banned equipment for Railways or tramways, diesel-electric locomotives.