The ruble has slowed the rate of decline after the collapse to lows 2014

The ruble has slowed the rate of decline after the collapse to lows 2014

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” increased to 75,29 ruble, Euro – ruble to 82,03. This is due to the drop in oil prices to the level of 33 dollars per barrel mark Brent.

MOSCOW, 11 Jan. Elena Likova. The ruble slowed down the fall of the dollar and the Euro after the collapse at the opening of trading on Monday to lows of December of 2014 amid external negative and falling oil prices to the level of 33 dollars per barrel mark Brent, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

In the first half of trading the dollar rose to 76,49 ruble, Euro – ruble to 83,97, the day the dollar rate was fixed in the area of 75.3, 82 rubles.

To 15.23 GMT the dollar calculations “tomorrow” increased by 0.53 ruble — to 75,29 of the rouble, the Euro rate — on 1,41 ruble to 82,03 ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

Oil and China crushed the ruble

Chinese stock index Shanghai Composite continued the negative trend of the beginning of the year and fell by 5.33% on Monday on expectations of further slowdown in the economy. In turn, the price of Brent crude oil decreased in the area is 33 dollars per barrel.

“Oil prices are the main reference varieties began the year on a negative note as the devaluation of the yuan triggered fears concerning prospects of the second economy in the world that doesn’t exist on the global oil market surplus of the offer”, — says Valery Polkhovsky from Forex Club.

China has unleashed a new battle in currency war that has already cost him more than $ 500 billion in international reserves, said Georgy Vashchenko from the company “freedom Finance”.

“The stock market crash and panic about the restrictions on the export of capital, most likely, will force the monetary authorities to ease the policy. Most likely, China will waive further devaluation of the yuan, because the economy sustainable,” he said. Data of China’s GDP for the fourth quarter will be published January 19 in the case of growth more than on 6,8% in annual terms, the markets will return to optimism, he said.

Forecasts and recommendations

The only thing that is on the side of buyers of the Russian currency at the moment is gradually approaching tax period in the country, says expert “BCS Express” Ivan Kopeikin. “In General, external background remains moderately negative for the ruble. So hurry with an active selling USD/RUB is not worth it” — recommends it.

Important drivers for financial assets can serve for current week data of Chinese exports and imports for December, coming out on Wednesday January 13, the analyst of TeleTrade mark Goikhman. Also important, retail sales, producer price index and industrial production in the U.S., which is expected on Friday 15 January, he adds.

The week of events capable of providing any support to the quotations, it is possible to allocate only the data about oil stocks in the USA, which will be published on Wednesday, says Polkhovsky. A week earlier, they fell by 5.2 million barrels, and given the continued cold weather, there is a chance to further decline, says the analyst.