The U.S. government decided to force Volkswagen to buy the cars in the population

The U.S. government decided to force Volkswagen to buy the cars in the population

Moscow. January 11. U.S. authorities want to oblige the German carmaker Volkswagen to buy tens of thousands already sold in the U.S. cars on the background of the scandal around the manipulation of lowering harmful emissions from diesel engines, reports Deutsche Welle.

As reported previously, the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, the us authorities is not limited to the requirement to return the car to VW and fix all the flaws.

According to the publication, the German automaker will be forced to buy back from customers about 20% of all machines with the software, lowered emissions of harmful substances. Speech can go approximately about 115 thousand cars. In this case, the Volkswagen should reimburse the purchasers for the full cost of the car or sell new car at a heavily reduced price.

The U.S. Department of justice accused the German company of deception and fraud in the course of the investigation “exhaust scandal”. The Ministry of justice also filed a motion to recover from VW as a fine of up to $45 billion Experts consider such an amount is unrealistic.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen does not intend to abandon the program of large-scale investments in the U.S., despite the threat of multi-billion dollar lawsuit and a strong blow to the image.

In addition to the already planned investments of more than $1 billion car plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the German concern intends to invest in the US $900 million, said the VW Board Chairman Matthias müller in the evening of 10 January in Detroit before the opening of the city North American international auto show 2016.

These investments will be used for production of the new SUV, which first descend from the conveyor in the end of 2016. Volkswagen expects that this project will allow him to create in US another 2,000 jobs.

Mueller also said that the problem with too high carbon dioxide emissions in cars of Volkswagen can be solved through the development of a new catalyst. According to him, the equipment you plan to install nearly 430 thousand cars equipped with the first generation problem of diesel engines EA 189.

The scandal affecting Volkswagen and significantly reduced the capitalization of the concern that erupted after American regulators found that on some cars with diesel engines were installed software that allows you to bypass testing the exhaust emissions. This program has been installed on 11 million cars sold worldwide. For a review of these cars the company has earmarked 6.7 billion euros, but the final costs will be more clearly.

In addition, an internal investigation revealed incorrect labeling of carbon emissions by cars sold in Europe.