Apple will add a “night mode” in new version of iOS

Moscow. January 12. Apple decided to add to the new version of mobile operating system iOS special night mode, which is expected to help owners of iPhone and iPad easier to fall asleep.

Within the beta version of iOS9.3 proposed color scheme of the operating system with softer shades to use at night. According to BBC, the device will switch to night mode automatically, getting data on the time of sunset at each location using the new geolocation feature. In the morning the unit will return to normal color settings.

“Many studies have shown that the use of bright blue light in the evening may affect circadian rhythms and impede sleep,” notes Apple.

Also the Apple will add in iOS9.3 new education mode for teachers and advanced news and fitness apps. For example, several students or students can use one iPad in the classroom.

The timing of the release of the final version of the operating system Apple have not yet called.

In addition, according to Le Figaro, in the next 2-3 years, Apple will open flagship store in Paris on the Champs Elysees. Informed sources say that the company has signed a lease a seven-storey building on one of the main thoroughfares of the French capital for a period of 12 years. According to experts, the rent is about 12 million euros per year. The upper floors of the building will be devoted to offices.

Currently Apple has 19 stores in France.