Gref on oil prices: there is a big financial game

Gref on oil prices: there is a big financial game

According to the head of Sberbank, as of today, OPEC no longer controls the market of black gold as before, and oil prices are more dependent on the economic situation in China and the devaluation of the yuan.

MOSCOW, 12 Jan. The prices on the oil market in recent time are determined not so much by the decisions of OPEC, many other factors, key among which are the situation in China and a stronger dollar, the oil market is a big financial game, Gref, ex-Minister of economic development of Russia Herman Gref.

The price of Brent crude oil on January 12 fell below the psychological mark of 31 dollars per barrel for the first time since February 2004. The President of OPEC, the oil Minister of Nigeria Emmanuel IBE Cacique earlier Tuesday said it expects the convening of an emergency meeting of the organization in early March to discuss the issue of falling prices.

The survey

What will happen to oil prices in 2016?

  • Will collapse to $ 20 per barrel
  • Will remain at around 30-35 dollars
  • Edge up to 45-50 dollars
  • Soar to 90-100 dollars

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