Most employers have no plans to index wages in 2016

Most employers have no plans to index wages in 2016

MOSCOW, January 12. /Corr. Tatiana Vinogradova/. Most employers have no plans to index the salaries of employees in 2016, the experts also see no economic prerequisites for increasing the well-being of Russians. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the recruiting companies.

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“The increase in the remuneration of employees is planned in 17% of the domestic companies, the majority of employers (58%) does not have such plans, the 25% of organisations found it difficult to answer”, – reported in the Superjob recruiting Agency, referring to the data of poll of portal Superjob, which were released Tuesday.

In this study conducted in Russia in mid-December 2015, was attended by 1 thousand representatives of companies-employers.

The year started difficult

According to Superjob, most employers talked about the salary increase in December 2010: similar plans were then shared almost a third of HR managers (32%). The worsening economic situation has led to the fact that in December last year, the number of companies planning the indexation of the salaries, was a record low – 12%. The share of companies which will carry out the indexing in 2016, will not exceed 15-18%, experts believe the Agency’s.

In turn, the head of the project “the databank of HeadHunter salaries” Natalia Rights reported that employers at the end of 2015 with great care and made plans for the indexation of wages to 2016.

“The percentage of employers planning to increase staff salaries in 2016, did not exceed at the end of the year 30%. However, the year started difficult, with the fall in oil prices, not as much as expected, so this percentage is likely to be adjusted downwards,” said Rights.

She stressed that on average, employers plan to adjust the salaries by 6-7%. “The index is also very careful, and, of course, it does not compensate the real reduction of salaries,” – said Rights.

According to Rosstat, inflation in Russia in December 2015 amounted to 0.8%, since the beginning of the year is 12.9%, in annual terms, or 15.5%. For comparison, in December 2015 the growth of consumer prices was 2.6%, since the beginning of the year to 11.4%. The rise in consumer prices for food products amounted to for December 2015 is 1.2%, YTD – 14%, yoy was 19.1%.

Best – more

Experts of recruitment Agency “unity” believe that the level of wages will depend on the development scenario in the country and the state of the economy, but not yet see the conditions for wage growth in 2016 for most workers. According to experts, the slight increase in wages can only claim the best employees of companies showing high performance in the work.

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“Of course, in every industry there are highly qualified experienced professionals who can qualify for increased compensation. However, their units. On average, the patch market has declined relative to the beginning of crisis of 2014 5-10% and would remain at the same level”, – said the Agency “unity”.

The Agency Superjob also predict that wages growth is likely to occur only for employees in key positions that directly affect the profit of the company. “In 2016, most companies will not hold the indexing, at least for the whole state. This is due to the General trend to reduce the HR budget, which includes salary Fund: 77% of companies acknowledged that the HR budget next year will be reduced or will remain at the level of 2015”, – noted in a Superjob.

Who’s new?

However, the experts disagreed regarding salary proposals for new employees. So, the Agency Superjob believe that the reduction of the salary proposals for new employees in nominal terms will not, on the contrary, in 2016 we might see a small increase of 3-5% in annual terms.

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The specialists of the Agency “unity”, in turn, noted that a 20 percent reduction of the recruitment market in 2015 has provoked a decrease in the level of wages to lower limits of salary ranges, and newly arrived on the work of specialists now offer less money than several months ago.

However, the trend is that most candidates are willing to go in terms of companies. “Many customers hope to get from the market of qualified candidates for less money. Experience shows that candidates, which is free to search, indeed ready to temper the appetite. But most of them has a secondary set of competencies. The most valuable employees employers continue to hold”, – said the development Director of recruitment Agency “unity” Ludmila Chernyakova.

In this case, less other agree on salary reduction specialists-“sales people”, which, according to the results of the Agency for 11 months, took first place on demand (50% of orders).