Poklonskaya: Crimea the damage from the blackout exceeded 360 million roubles

Poklonskaya: Crimea the damage from the blackout exceeded 360 million roubles

SIMFEROPOL, January 13. The damage from the detonation transmission line, which in November of 2015 was completely stopped the supply of electricity from Ukraine in Crimea has exceeded 360 million roubles.

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This was reported to journalists by the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

“Right now we have 361 million. At the time of initiation of the case the amount was about 70 million rubles. This amount is the sum of the losses provided by the ministries of industrial policy, health, transport. That is, the costs incurred by various agencies,” the Prosecutor said.

Poklonski stressed that while this figure does not include data on losses of the enterprises of the Crimea, which were incurred after the cessation of the supply of electricity from Ukraine.

According to the Prosecutor of the Crimea, count the damage from the blackout continues, the final figure may be significantly higher.

Sabotage in the Crimea

In fact undermining the power lines on the territory of Kherson region of Ukraine on November 22, in the Crimea opened a criminal case under article “diversion”.

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The main accused in the case are former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, the owner of the TV channel ATR Lenur islyamov. The CSI property in Crimea and Moscow arrested by the court.

“The Supreme court of the Republic of Crimea will be happy to consider this criminal case. The accused in absentia preventive measure”, – said Poklonsky.

On November 22 due to the accident at the power lines in the Kherson region were fully discontinued the supply of electricity from Ukraine in Crimea. In the Republic introduced a state of emergency associated with the deficit. To save on the Peninsula began to use rolling blackouts of consumers.