AFP: the Renault factories in France checked on the background of the “scandal diesel” from Volkswagen

PARIS, January 14. Representatives of the French national Agency for the fight against fraud carried out inspections of several plants Renault in France. As reported by Agence France-Presse with reference to information of the labor Union of the automaker, these actions may be associated with suspicion of falsification of data on the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles.

In particular, the Union representatives expressed the view that the checks can be related to “diesel scandal” surrounding Volkswagen as they were conducted on sites where are the control units of the engines.

Official comments from the company were reported.

On the background of this news quotes Renault on the Paris Bourse was collapsing by more than 20%.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery of the machines for that allows you to bypass the strict ecological standards of the USA. Investigations against the giant car maker in the U.S. launched in several countries in Europe and Asia. As noted in the press release Volkswagen, the problem of falsifying data environmental tests on the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles affected to 11 million cars worldwide.