Dijsselbloem: evaluation of reforms Greece is unlikely to finish in the coming weeks

Dijsselbloem: evaluation of reforms Greece is unlikely to finish in the coming weeks

When a consensus is reached on the first assessment, will discuss the sustainability of Greek public debt, said the head of the Eurogroup.

BRUSSELS, 14 Jan –, Maria Knyazev. The head of the Council of Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries (Eurogroup), Jeroen Dijsselbloem believes that the first assessment of the reform program and adjustment of the economy in Greece the third bailout package will fail, rather, in a few months than a few weeks, he said this to journalists before a meeting of the Eurogroup on Thursday.

The third program of financial assistance to Greece, amounting to 86 billion euros was approved in the Eurozone in August last year. While these funds are allocated only to the European stability mechanism (ESM), the EU hopes that the funding will join the IMF. Tranches of money are allocated based on the assessment of lenders success in the adjustment process by the Greek authorities of the economy, reform.

“Now on the agenda is a few issues – pension reform, the establishment of the privatization Fund, the budget of 2016, has open-ended questions this is All part of first assessment. I will not inflate the question of what we had to do it before the end of the year, I am very pleased with the progress that we have achieved”, he said.

“As soon as the institutions and Greece come to agreement at the first evaluation, we can start the political debate on sustainability (government – ed.) of Greece’s debt. We promised it, we should do it, including to attract (to the financing of the third program – ed.) the IMF”, — said the head of the Eurogroup.

“Time – I don’t know I think it’s more a matter of months than weeks,” he said.