Medvedev: taking into account the situation in the economy does not exclude the increase of debts on a salary

Medvedev: taking into account the situation in the economy does not exclude the increase of debts on a salary

MOSCOW, January 14. Taking into account the situation in the economy can not be excluded the increase in wages in the country. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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“The total arrears of wages still remains very high, the Prime Minister said at the government meeting. – Well, considering the state of Affairs in the economy, this process may accelerate, increase. But money, of course, must be paid on time, in full”.

According to him, one of the issues on the agenda of this meeting will be a draft law to increase the liability of employers for violation of terms and order of payment. The document proposes to increase such fines for repeated violations, and will apply a progressive scale: during waiting period of more than six months, the employer will compensate the employee not only the amount but also the interest of at least 1/150 of the key rate of the CBR.

The discussion of the budget

The Prime Minister will also discuss with the Cabinet in the closed perspectives of the budget process. “At the end (the Cabinet meeting) I would like to see members of the government remained closed to the public will talk about how to continue to engage in the budget process, the economy,” Medvedev said, opening the Cabinet meeting.

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The day before, speaking at the Gaidar forum in Moscow, Medvedev has not excluded that will require adjustment to the budget, if world oil prices will continue to drop. In addition, he called for “prepare for the worst-case scenario, as is done in other countries”. According to him, for the government the main question now “is the most effective form of optimization of the budget”.

However, he drew attention to the fact that the basic principle of Russia’s policy remains that it will “live within our means”: including by reducing spending and reducing spending on the government apparatus, privatization of part of state assets.

The challenges of the Russian economy

Speaking at the Gaidar forum on January 13, Dmitry Medvedev said that the challenges the Russian economy are the most serious in a decade.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the worsening of Russia’s economic problems on the General negative global economic backdrop. According to him, the universal remedy for problems in the global economy of the government, but to influence the markets is necessary and possible. “I have no universal remedy available in the domestic and global economy at the moment problems, but to try to influence the situation, including the market of hydrocarbons,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Medvedev stressed that a number of basic principles and key institutions of the global economy were disrupted. “We have yet to understand whether this was a temporary failure of the system or it is time to formulate new laws of coexistence”, – said Medvedev, stressing that now the traditional institutions no longer work. Such questions are raised not only to the raw powers, but also to the users of their resources.