Vice-speaker of the Duma, Gref called on to resign after the words about Russia-downshifter

Vice-speaker of the Duma, Gref called on to resign after the words about Russia-downshifter

MOSCOW, January 15. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Nikolai Levichev (“Fair Russia”) considers that the head of Sberbank German Gref should resign after stating that Russia is a “country-downshifter”, the loser in the social and technological competition.

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On 15 January at the Gaidar forum, Gref said that Russia “lost the competition”, calling the situation “technological enslavement”. According to the head of Sberbank, the winners are those countries that were able to adapt and invest in technology development. And countries that have not had time to adapt to their own economy, will be much lower. He also urged to stop the “export of brains” from Russia.

“With all our problems that is obvious enormous efforts of the President and millions of our people managed to preserve the unique technological core of our industry – best military-industrial complex, nuclear and aerospace industries. A number of developments in these areas – principally new technological solutions,” – said Levichev, who was circulated by the press service of the party.

Levichev: liberal economists of the 90s never believed in the country

According to spywares, many countries, “which, apparently, according to Gref, in the list of advanced and not the “downshifters”, similar technologies have partially or not at all possess, submissively and sadly following all the whims and adventures of the “Washington regional Committee”.

Levichev added that the word “downshifter” in the English slang used to mean “loser”.

To hear that a derogatory statement about our country from the so-called liberal economists of the 90s is not surprising – they never believed in their country and wanted to sell everything quickly

Nikolai Levichev
Vice-speaker of the state Duma

“I’m against prosecution for opinions, various “auto-da-Fe”, but I think that after such statement the head of the largest state-owned Bank would have to leave his post voluntarily resign,” said Levichev.

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