Menyaylo: Crimea long refused Ukrainian products

Menyaylo: Crimea long refused Ukrainian products

SEVASTOPOL, January 16. /Corr. Janina Vaskovsky/. A ban on the supply of Ukrainian goods to Crimea is a mere formality. In fact, the Peninsula has long refused these products, said the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo.

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Ukraine cuts trade with Crimea

“This decision is a mere formality. Because commodity so-called blockade of the Crimea, we refused Ukrainian products back in September of last year. Even then, the share of Russian products accounted for 70-80%. Reorientation of the consumer market began in 2014, so when the Ukrainian side began to restrict the supply, no inconvenience to the inhabitants of the Peninsula did not feel it,” Menyailo was quoted by his press Secretary Kirill Moskalenko.

Thus the Governor of Sevastopol believes that a ban on the importation of products in the Crimea will strike first of all on the Ukrainian businessmen who, I am sure menyaylo, “hands would tear off to those who took this decision”.

The decision of Kiev on the termination of trade with Crimea

On January 16 entered into force the decree of the government of Ukraine, according to which trade with Crimea terminated. According to the regulation, the exception would be socially important products and products. Thus, Kiev has completed the legal registration of the economic blockade of the Peninsula.

The Crimea as part of Russia

The authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol March 16, 2014 held a referendum on reunification with Russia. It was attended by more than 80% of eligible voters. For the reunification with Russia voted 96,7% 95,6%, respectively. 18 March of the same year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Treaty accepting the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation and on March 21 it was ratified by the Federal Assembly. Despite the compelling results of the referendum, Kiev refused to recognize the Crimea a part of Russia.