XI Jinping: the launch of the AIIB is a step towards reforming global governance

XI Jinping: the launch of the AIIB is a step towards reforming global governance

The launch of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank will help the development of the structure of the world economy, will make the system of global economic governance more equitable, said the Chinese President.

BEIJING, 16 Jan –, Zhanna Manukyan. Official launch of Asian infrastructure investment Bank is a step toward improving and reforming the system of global economic governance that will make it more equitable, said Saturday the Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Bank.

On Saturday morning in Beijing by representatives of 57 countries-founders of AIIB gave the official start of operation of the Bank.

“The launch of the AIIB has a special significance in terms of reform and improving global economic governance. This adaptation to changes and development patterns of the global economy and a step towards the promotion of the system of global economic governance in a more equitable, rational and efficient way”, — said XI Jinping.

The Chinese President stressed that China will support its operation and development. He also announced that China will allocate $ 50 million to create soon a special Fund to help less developed member countries of the Bank in the development of infrastructure projects.

“The official beginning of operation of the Bank AIIB will allow us to effectively increase infrastructure investment in Asia,” added the Chinese leader.

The Bank’s President Jin Liqun, in turn, expressed confidence that the new financial institution will make a significant contribution to the development of Asia.

On Saturday the inaugural meeting of the Board of governors of the AIIB. According to its results, the Finance Minister of China Lou Jiwei, President of the Bank was approved by the acting President of the Bank, former Deputy Minister of Finance of China Jin Liqun. Himself Lou Jiwei. was elected Chairman of the Board of governors.