In the state Duma propose to abolish visas between Russia and Iran

In the state Duma propose to abolish visas between Russia and Iran

The emergence of a new tourist route should help domestic tour operators after the Russian tourists lost two popular vacation destinations, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Nikolay Levichev.

MOSCOW, 18 Jan. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Nikolai Levichev (“Fair Russia”) proposes to cancel the visa regime between Russia and Iran; according to the MP, this will allow the transition to a qualitatively new level of bilateral cooperation in all spheres.

“Bilateral cancellation of visas between Russia and Iran will be a logical step in the development of cooperation between the two countries. In Iran there is a great interest of our country, not only at the official level. Ordinary Iranians want to know better the Russian culture and get acquainted with life of Russian citizens. The demand is known, creates supply. Domestic business can make a considerable income from the increase in the number of Iranians visiting Russia,” Levichev told reporters.

The Deputy reminded that last year Russian tourists lost two popular vacation destinations – Egypt and Turkey.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran with its Oriental indescribable flavor of ancient Persia may fill the vacant niche. If not immediately, but in the long term,” — said Levichev.

According to him, the emergence of new tourist destinations should help and domestic tour operators in the current difficult conditions. “The conditions for the abolition of visas now could not be more favorable. Relations between Moscow and Tehran are on the rise. Largely by the efforts of our country Iran back into the international community,” he said.

He stressed that Russia and Iran are implementing hundreds of joint projects in various spheres – from agriculture to space.

“Solving problems with the supply of air defense complexes s-300, without the involvement of third parties in International arbitration, showed that Iran is always ready to come forward and appreciate our long-term relations. Caspian now the government takes a great interest in deliveries of Russian aircraft of the new “Sukhoi Superjet 100″ and promising MC-21,” — said Levichev.

The MP believes that the abolition of visas would help the relations between Russia and Iran on a qualitatively new level in all spheres of cooperation. “Today, when Iran goes to world markets and integrate into international structures, overcoming the visa barrier would have emphasized the special status of our partnership”, he concluded.