“SUPPORT of Russia” is ready to offer “non-trivial” solutions for small business

“SUPPORT of Russia” is ready to offer “non-trivial” solutions for small business

MOSCOW, January 18. The forum “Small business – national idea?”, which will hold on January 19-20, OPORA Russia, must help authorities to find “creative solutions” for the resumption of economic growth and the creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activity. This was announced at a press conference in the President of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin.

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“The forum expects 1.5 thousand guests. This is probably the most active and enterprising people, who come from all over the country. Everyone has their own idea what to do. And we hope that with the support of the President, with the support of the political will of these non-trivial proposals will be non-trivial solutions. We hope that some breakthrough will take place,” he said.

According to Kalinin, the study, conducted jointly with the Agency for strategic initiatives has shown the need to significantly improve the quality of regional governance in relation to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. This problem, he noted, is of particular importance due to the negative processes in the economy, a fall in effective demand, which has a negative impact including on small and medium businesses.

“Now a lot of regulatory mechanisms, which goes in the opposite direction, it hinders the business – for example, the system of control and supervision, criminal prosecution in the field of entrepreneurship, lack of financial resources, non-systematic support for exports. We’ll be talking on the forum. On 20 January, in plenary session, we expect the President of the country, so we can share our vision of what we need to do for successful business development”, – said Kalinin.

He noted that “SUPPORT of Russia” considers it necessary to actively create new markets for small and medium enterprises, including export, which is necessary to significantly intensify the work of trade missions.

As stated on a press-conferences the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Vladislav Korochkin, to eliminate excessive administrative barriers and functions of government agencies while being not very effective.

“At a conservative estimate, these encumbrances are in the hundreds of billions of rubles. Sometimes, when we believe, we get the number only from the point of view of the production and distribution of food – up to 2 trillion roubles from unreasonable seizures of the economy. Then there are those reserves that we can in the conditions of crisis to mobilize very quickly. They are much bigger than the funds that the state can allocate for support of small and medium-sized businesses. But taking immediate action on the moratorium and the cancellation of some redundant requirements, can be granted to the real sector, small enterprises such figures,” said Korochkin.