The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil fell below $28 after the lifting of sanctions with Iran

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil fell below $28 after the lifting of sanctions with Iran

LONDON, January 18. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in March 2016 on the stock exchange ICE in London fell by 3.5% to $27,96 per barrel. This is evidenced by data exchange.

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WTI oil fell 2.3% and is trading at the level of 28.75 us dollars per barrel.

On the implementation by Iran of the requirements that were needed for the implementation of the agreement on the nuclear issue, on Saturday said the head of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, after which the EU authorities have announced a full account, on the partial lifting of sanctions against Tehran.

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The ruble

The dollar in early trading on the Moscow exchange on Monday has exceeded 78 rubles. The MICEX index fell 1.1% to 1590,51 item.

How much will oil cost in 2016.

The demand and the price of oil in 2016 will keep the decline, in some periods the price of oil will fall below $30 per barrel. This was announced by the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the meeting in Kazan.

“Over the past year, the international monetary Fund the fourth time revising the Outlook to the downside the global economy, this suggests that demand for oil will also fall.

We see that now large amounts of oil reserves and the yield the following year on the oil market of new players – I mean Iran with capacity 1 – 1,5 million barrels a day, – all the evidence suggests that low oil prices in next year will dominate and it is possible that during certain periods it will be $30 per barrel, maybe less,” – said Siluanov.


Prices for Brent crude and the dollar

Prices for Brent crude and the dollar. Infographics