Naryshkin: anti-crisis measures will be in the priority agenda of the state Duma

Naryshkin: anti-crisis measures will be in the priority agenda of the state Duma

MOSCOW, January 19. Measures to overcome the economic crisis will be a priority in the agenda opening of the spring session of the state Duma – the last for the current sixth convocation. It on Tuesday was declared by the speaker of the lower chamber Sergei Naryshkin, speaking at the first meeting of the new parliamentary season.

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“Anti-crisis measures will be in the priority agenda,” he said. Naryshkin also warned that MPs have to “form the legal Foundation for future economic growth.” “The crisis is not only a time of losses”, – noted the head of the chamber, adding that far-sighted politicians use it “for the formation of foundations for the future”.

“I will have much work to undergo, and the work will take place in special circumstances. One of the reasons that the end of the session coincides with the election of new structure of deputies of the State Duma, but there are other reasons that make the forthcoming half year is extremely responsible,” said Naryshkin.

Overseas figures have overdone it in trying to weaken Russia

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According to Sergei Naryshkin, the overseas figures are overdone in a vain attempt to weaken Russia. “We see that external pressures – both economic and propagandistic pressure on Russia continues, but effort to weaken, overseas figures clearly overdone,” said the speaker.

“They have undermined the foundations of prosperity the Western world, their own analysts predict, for example, a significant weakening of the EU’s engagement with the U.S. and Britain, in preparation for the referendum on the future residence and EU membership, filed an official Brussels a number of requirements that can critically change the nature of this integration project, for example, due to the return of the national parliaments of the EU countries certain powers that were previously transferred to different institutions”, – said Naryshkin.

Thus, he continued, the global crisis only multiply as the fate of the world already depends on the coordinated efforts of a number of States in combating international terrorism.

“And we continue to urge all civilized Nations to unite to restore peace, security and stability in the Middle East and North Africa”, – said the Chairman of the state Duma.

The Duma deputies will not allow to put pressure on the Parliament

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At the same time, the speaker of the state Duma said that the deputies will not allow to put pressure on the Parliament and use it to drive the situation in the country.

“In General, I would like to emphasize that to achieve success we can only at maintaining social harmony. The practice of our work of the sixth convocation of the inter-faction interaction will be reliable to prove it. We will not allow anyone to put pressure on the Parliament and use it to drive the situation”, – stressed Naryshkin.

He added that all the previous 4 years in the hall of the state Duma “there were a variety of opinions, the different points of view, but was there will be found solutions to the most complex and sensitive issues”.

“The Parliament of Russia was and still is a place for discussion, the most open and democratic authority. Especially in our time it is especially important to hear the voice of our society, to conduct a dialogue with him,” concluded the speaker.