Senator Sablin has won a lawsuit against Navalny

Senator Sablin has won a lawsuit against Navalny

MOSCOW, January 19. Lublin court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim about protection of honor and dignity of Senator Dmitry Sablin and his wife to the blogger Alexei Navalny. This was reported by the lawyer Bulk Ivan Zhdanov.

“The court satisfied the statement of claim Sablin to Bulk and ordered to pay 250 thousand roubles of moral harm and 158 thousand of expenses”, – said Zhdanov.

The lawyer also added that in the lawsuit the couple Sablin was provided. Thus, the court only partially granted the claim of the Senator.

The reason for going to court was the publication of Navalny that the Senator had allegedly acquired the property by criminal means. The plaintiff insisted on the recognition that information not corresponding to reality, the refutation and compensation for moral damage of 10 million 200 thousand rubles.


In August of last year the Novosibirsk branch of the movement “Intimidad”, one of the leaders of which is Dmitry Sablin, appealed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to check on the extremism of the word Navalny said on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, that he will appeal to the people of Novosibirsk, and to resort to direct methods of outreach, including to bring people to the streets.

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The appeal of “antimaidan” Sablin explained that one of the tasks of the movement is “to prevent the satisfaction of political ambitions through street riots”, which can lead to destabilization of the situation in the country.

Navalny connected such actions against him with previously published investigation of his Fund, in which it was alleged that Sablin is alleged kinship ties with the leadership of the Moscow region and builds on Rublevsky highway, the house, the cost of which does not correspond to his declared income.

“A house is built one year, and so structured the situation that those 2 million rubles, which is specified (in the Declaration), they are shown directly from my salary. If you look at the income of my spouse for this period of time, that hundreds of millions of rubles”, – said earlier the Senator. He also refuted the information that his wife is the niece of the former Governor of Moscow suburbs Boris Gromov.