The former head of Petrozavodsk will appeal the decision of the deputies about her retirement

The former head of Petrozavodsk will appeal the decision of the deputies about her retirement

Galina Shirshina addressed the court demanding to cancel the decision of the city Council of Petrozavodsk about her resignation because of an alleged failure to perform the city Manager duties.

MOSCOW, 19 APR –. The Petrozavodsk court on Tuesday will begin consideration of the statement ex-mayor Galina Chisinau, which asks to recognize as illegal the decision of deputies of city Council who sent her to resign.

Deputies of the city Council of Petrozavodsk at the meeting of December 25, voted for resignation of the head of Chisinau. The deputies explained its decision by saying that she had not performed their duties. Itself Shirshina consider the claims to be unfair and disputes the decision of the city Council in court.

“Rightly argue that my part in the exercise of powers of the head of Petrozavodsk urban district violations of applicable law has occurred, all obligations foreseen by the law on execution of authority, the decision of issues of local significance were performed by me throughout the period of finding me in the post of the head”, — reads the statement of Chisinau.

The first session on business is appointed on 10.00 GMT Tuesday. The defendant claimed the Petrozavodsk city Council, the interested person – the administration of the city.

As previously reported, if the court decides in favor of Chisinau, she will continue to lead the city. If the court finds the decision to dismiss the legitimate, will be created a special Commission consisting of deputies of the Petrograd Soviet and the representatives of the head of Karelia. The Commission will select the applicants for the position of city Manager. Then their nominations will be submitted for session of the city Council and by secret ballot, MPs will decide which candidates will be appointed as the city Manager of the city of Petrozavodsk.

Commissioner for human rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova, on Monday expressed readiness in the framework of the plenary powers to render the former head of the Petrozavodsk support at the relevant stage of the judicial process.

In turn, the initiative group of citizens declared intention to hold a referendum on Recalling the deputies of the city Council, which sent Shirshina to resign. A petition was submitted to the territorial election Commission.