Zyuganov: Russia’s budget gutted “by hrapko”

Zyuganov: Russia’s budget gutted “by hrapko”

Every second Russian lives an average of 15 thousand rubles and less, said the leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov. He believes that spending sequester of the Federal budget impossible.

MOSCOW, 19 Jan. The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov believes that the sequestration of the Federal budget by 2016 is impossible, because it is already “cut to hrapko (cob)”.

“(The government) continue to sekvestirovat the budget, and he cut to hrapko. And I suggest not to allocate resources and funds to support the population, allegedly too much was allocated in recent years”, — said Zyuganov journalists.

According to him, today in Russia every second person lives an average of 15 thousand rubles and less, and the money for the last year has depreciated by half.

The government of the Russian Federation in connection with the fall in oil prices has taken a decision on optimization of the budget for 2016, the Ministry had until mid January to prepare and submit to the Finance Ministry its proposals on the reduction of costs on unprotected articles by 10%. Final proposals for revising the budget planned to the end of the first quarter.

The Finance Ministry proposes to adjust the budget in 2016 based on the average annual price of Urals oil in 40 dollars for barrel. Now in the document based on the price of $ 50.