Defense Ministry: Russia has created for its war in Syria the most comfortable conditions of accommodation

Defense Ministry: Russia has created for its war in Syria the most comfortable conditions of accommodation

MOSCOW, January 20. Russia moved quickly to establish its military in Syria comfortable conditions for their soldiers and officers in Syria. This was stated to journalists by the Deputy Russian defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

“Our soldiers and officers in Syria are modern modular constructions of container type. Such comfortable conditions for accommodation of personnel abroad quickly are not able to create no other country in the world”, – said Bulgakov.

According to him, currently the Russian military personnel in Syria have the opportunity to take a shower, get three hot meals a day for flying, technical and General regulations, they organized trade and domestic service and other services”.

Bulgakov emphasized that for the Russian forces in Syria from Russia thrown massive amounts of resources. “Only in October and November of last year, air and sea transport to Syria delivered 214 tons,” – said the Deputy head of the defense Ministry.

The morale of the Russian military in Syria is at a “higher level”

The morale and fighting spirit of the soldiers involved in the operation in Syria is at the highest level, said the state Secretary – Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov.

“Of course, we worked and Syria. In Syria the highest level of moral and psychological state, attitude stunning. And all that happens there, this is noted”, – he said.

As explained by Pankow, 1997 conducted monitoring research of the level of the moral psychological state of servicemen. “In 2015, marked the maximum score is 74 points,” said the Deputy Minister.

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“The mindset among colleagues is very good, a spirit fighting. And according to all sociological research, including a recent VTSIOM”, – said Pankow.

He said that in the structure of the armed forces is a professional sociological research center conducting such research.

“And here we are not playing in the giveaway, we really need to know the mood of the officers than the officers lives, what problems he has, and then we have the opportunity to better target and our work,” – said Pankov.

Almost 60% of officers of the armed forces have combat experience, including from-for operations in Syria

Level officers in the Russian army, with combat experience, reached almost 60%, including through operations in Syria, said Pankov.

“58% of officers today have combat experience, and I won’t hide that our brand legal stay in Syria, we, of course, use and to a greater number of officers received practical, real experience of combat. We work hard at it, especially for crews of aircraft, helicopters,” – said Pankov journalists.

According to him, by the end of 2015 the Russian army was staffed by officers 92%.

“This is an unprecedented high level of staffing, long been engaged in personnel work, and this, of course, was not” – said Pankov.

As the Minister mentioned, there is a purposeful work on an appeal on military service of officers who have resigned in previous years. “It is now such a stable, good source of recruitment of the army,” he explained.