The security Council of the Russian Federation: foreign intelligence and terrorists remain major security threats

The security Council of the Russian Federation: foreign intelligence and terrorists remain major security threats

MOSCOW, January 20. The activities of foreign intelligence and security services, as well as terrorists and extremists remain the main threats to Russia’s security, has declared to journalists by the assistant to the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Alexander Grebenkin. “As major threats to national security remain intelligence and other activities of special services and organizations of foreign States, terrorist and extremist organizations, criminal organizations and groups, radical social associations, he said. – Threats to national security are also natural disasters, accidents and disasters, including those associated with global climate change, deterioration of the technical condition of the infrastructure and the occurrence of fires.”

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According to him, the new version of the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation the tasks on strengthening law enforcement bodies and special services, the development of a system of identification, prevention and suppression of intelligence and other subversive activity of special services and organizations of foreign States. “Includes measures for creation of additional mechanisms for preventing and mitigating social and ethnic conflict, by raising the level of antiterrorist security, the protection of citizens from criminal encroachments” – said grebyonkin.

Grebenkin added that one of the threats to national security, the document calls destructive practices associated with the use of information and communication technologies to disseminate and promote the ideology of fascism, extremism, terrorism and separatism, causing damage to civil peace, political and social stability in society.

“For the first time in the strategic planning document of such level noted the need for further development of interaction of bodies of security and the rule of law with civil society and increase citizens’ trust in law enforcement and judicial systems,” said assistant Secretary of the security Council.

According to him, special attention is paid to the need for further implementation of the comprehensive approach to eradicate the causes and conditions that breed corruption, which remains an obstacle to sustainable development of the country. “The priority directions of ensuring national security in the border space the Strategy identifies a policy of further phased deployment of the state border of the Russian Federation of high-technology and multifunctional border complexes and systems, improving the efficiency of border management, including through improved interagency cooperation and interstate cooperation,” – said grebyonkin.