Vasiliev: the government will report back to Council on its activities during the second quarter

Vasiliev: the government will report back to Council on its activities during the second quarter

MOSCOW, January 20. The government will report to the state Duma on its activities during the second quarter, confirmed the Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament, the leader of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasiliev.

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“There have been suggestions made to invite the government. We will see here in the second quarter,” he said, speaking from the faction at the beginning of the plenary session.

“I assure you that the government is in a constant mode and prepares activities, as was the case with the anti-crisis plan, which most people here have supported and which has produced results – and in the current situation”, – said Vasilyev.

On Tuesday, the representatives of the Communist party offered urgently to invite in the Duma of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina for the report on anti-recessionary measures.

“We now see what we do – put people into the seamy side”

Vasiliev also warned the parliamentary opposition from the “seamy side” in presentations and encouraged representatives to share the responsibility for anti-crisis solutions.

“We now see what we do – put people in gruesome, in such a state of despair,” said the MP, speaking in the framework of desyatiminutki allotted factions for political statements at the beginning of the plenary session of the house. Commenting on made from the rostrum of the statements of deputies from the CPRF and the LDPR, he said: “is the young man, and whatever he touched, everything is in the negative, as if “mishandled” the man”. “He’s responsible for a country shall not be. Maybe because young? But he’s a politician, he reflects the position of the faction, friends,” said leader of United Russia to opponents.

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According to Vasileva, in the boardroom of the state Duma, representatives of all factions have repeatedly said that “a lot of on screen violence, negativity, offered to “tame” guide channels”. “But look at our performances in the beginning of this session – how many positive and how many negative”, – he advised.

In this regard, the Vice-speaker reminded that 15 of the state Duma committees are headed by deputies from opposition. “And what about industry? A drastic change? Or other committees, let’s see. Or, maybe you us now the program will tell them? You have prepared a work plan proposals, colleagues?”, he wanted to know.

“Let’s assume that today we are in a very difficult situation, all together. If someone wants to “slip”, let’s remember Ukraine than there is over this revolutionary topic and what the consequence was for political parties”, said Vasiliev.

“When I hear of young people who stand up and give a purely negative assessment of the situation in the country, I listen, and for each item know that the housing we are building more than ever before in history, and that agriculture was raised, and even this year, 3% increase will be”, – noted the politician.