EMERCOM of Russia will reduce the number of officials and enhance response units

EMERCOM of Russia will reduce the number of officials and enhance response units

MOSCOW, January 21. EMERCOM of Russia will reduce the number of officials and enhance response units, with the total number of employees will not decrease. About it reported in a press-Department service, in response to an inquiry about the optimization of the Ministry in the current economic situation.

“The number of employees of EMERCOM of Russia approved and will not be changed. However, the number of officials working to ensure the structures will be reduced. This will increase the number and expand the capabilities of combat units,” – said the representative of the Ministry, stressing that “mechanical reduction”. According to him, transformation will affect both the Central office and regional centers, the Main emergency Department on the subjects of the Russian Federation, organizations and agencies of the MOE.

SPECIAL project

The case for life
For the 25th anniversary of the Ministry of emergency situations recalls the most significant events in the history of the Department. This project, created with the support of the Ministry of emergency situations, about people who have something to be proud of

“Freed-up financial resources will be directed at improving the social package of employees and equipping units with modern fire and rescue equipment, equipment and equipment”, – reported in Department.

Currently loaded and creates new units in the far East, in Siberia, in the Arctic, in Kaliningrad, the arms of which are high-tech rescue equipment, modern facilities and equipment. EMERCOM of Russia will continue to fully implement all the major projects: the creation of a single number call emergency services “112”, complex system of life safety of the population, a hardware – software complex “Safe city”, etc.

In the MOE reported that the leadership of the Ministry in charge of developing new effective approaches of management of forces and resources in the new economic conditions. “Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov demanded gently, and carefully targeted, with an individual approach in each separate case, to treat the firefighters, rescue workers and other specialists,” – said the representative of the Ministry. In the Ministry assured that “despite serious budget cuts, all the problems will be resolved efficiently, on time, and the declared target performance of the Ministry will be strictly executed”.