The CBR does not exclude reducing the amount of the remaining assets of Vneshprombank

The CBR does not exclude reducing the amount of the remaining assets of Vneshprombank

MOSCOW, January 21. The Bank of Russia does not exclude reducing the amount of the remaining assets of Vneshprombank from 25 billion rubles in the event of difficulties in servicing borrowers, said Deputy Chairman of the CBR Mikhail Sukhov.

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“The remaining value of the assets of the Bank, according to the date of introduction of provisional administration, is estimated at about 25 billion rubles. But it is quite possible that this figure may decrease if you encounter difficulties in servicing the borrower loans, which are included in this assessment”, he said.

Sukhov also said that as of the date of introduction of temporary administration, the volume of deposits of physical persons in the Bank amounts to 66.8 billion rubles, legal entities – to 127.6 billion rubles (taking into account the exchange rate at the date of introduction of provisional administration – December 18, 2015).

According to Sukhova, the decision on reorganization of the Bank could not be accepted. “During the interim administration was installed the lack of cost-effective options for rehabilitation, because the full withdrawal of creditors of legal entities and obtaining when working with assets identical to the procedures which are carried out in the competitive production”, – he said. Based on the principles of financing of financial recovery (when the economic cost of instruments does not exceed the amount of insurance liability), the possibility of fenestrulina in this case was not, said Sukhov.

On payments of insurance compensation

Acceptance of applications and payment of insurance compensation to clients of Vneshprombank through Sberbank and VTB 24 acting on behalf of the DIA as an agent Bank, will be continued. About it reports Department of public relations of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV).

Previously RBC with reference to sources reported that the Deposit insurance Agency will suspend payments to depositors of Vneshprombank until then, until the formation of a real the registry. Solution caused by a large number of fragmented after the introduction of the moratorium deposits.

On Thursday, the Bank of Russia revoked the license of Vneshprombank serviced by the cash flows of a number of sports organisations including the Olympic Committee of Russia. The Bank’s management, including the President of the Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton Federation (RBF) George Begimova, managed not only to collect the money in the Bank large sports companies, but also to withdraw from the Bank a decent amount. The financial regulator found a “hole” in the Bank’s equity in the amount of 187,4 billion rubles to Sum Vneshprombank was also the airline “Transaero”, which became bankrupt in autumn last year.

About The Only

Vneshprombank is a member of the Deposit insurance system. Revocation of license for banking operations is insured.

According to statements by total assets Vneshprombank on 1 January 2016 occupied 40-e a place in the Russian banking system.