Vneshprombank has lost the license, sports organizations – money

Vneshprombank has lost the license, sports organizations – money

MOSCOW, January 21. The Bank of Russia revoked the license of Vneshprombank (VPB), which served cash flow of a number of sports organisations including the Olympic Committee of Russia.

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The Bank’s management, including the President of Federation of bobsled and skeleton Federation (RBF) George Bedjamov, managed not only to collect the money in the Bank large sports companies, but also to withdraw from the Bank a decent amount. The financial regulator found a “hole” in the Bank’s equity in the amount of 187,4 billion rubles to Sum Vneshprombank was also the airline “Transaero”, which became bankrupt in autumn last year.

According to the Central Bank, Vneshprombank has broken the law “About counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime” and violated the norms of the regulator, represented the doubtful reporting to the Central Bank, which did not contain reliable information about the quality and amount of the assets and liabilities of the Bank.

Conducted by experts of the Bank of Russia jointly with the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) analysis of the financial position of Vneshprombank set exceeding the size of the Bank’s liabilities over its assets worth about 187,4 billion rubles.

The heroes of the day

Guide Vneshprombank for a long time conducted a variety of operations to withdrawal of assets by building a system of fraud reporting based on primary documents, including statements on correspondent accounts of banks-non-residents, the credit profile of customers, transactions on customer accounts, noted the Central Bank.

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The investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs on 18 December opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 in respect of the co-owner and President of Vneshprombank Larisa Markus, accusing her of fraud. Tver court of Moscow on December 22 sanctioned her arrest.

In turn, brother of Larisa Markus and also co-owner of Vneshprombank George Bedjamov, 2010 occupying the post of President of Federation of bobsled and skeleton Federation (RBF) has avoided a similar fate, hiding outside Russia. As the media reported, in late December the Bedjamov disappeared in Monaco and had planned to seek political asylum in Europe. The FBI planned to choose a new President in January 2016.

How it all began

Until the middle of last year Vneshprombank was considered quite healthy by the Bank and he won the ACB contests for reimbursement on deposits of banks that lost their licenses. Back in July big pay off depositors, “the Old Kremlin” and “Gagarin”.

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The problem of Vneshprombank appeared in the beginning of December 2015, rating Agency Moody’s and “Expert RA” downgraded the ratings of VPB due to the risks of the loan portfolio and a decline in profitability of the Bank.

Thus, one of the borrowers of Vneshprombank was the airline “Transaero”, which last fall declared bankruptcy because of debts of 250 billion rubles Vneshprombank was included in the list of private banks-creditors who opposed the bankruptcy of the airline, since they accounted for about 50% of the debt “Transaero” state guarantees and on it they had.

Events with big developed like a snowball. The regulator unplugged from the system of banking electronic urgent payments (BESP) and the Bank ceased to pay clients, then the CB Bank introduced a temporary administration and the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims.

Affected by VPB

Being affiliated with the President of the FBI George Baranovym in Russia was a fairly large account organizations. It was thought that big was actually a settlement Bank by the FBI.

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Because of the situation with big problems arose and the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR), who held it accounts and funds intended for the implementation of the current plan benefits, the operating activities of organizations. As previously reported in the media, were under the threat of preparation of national teams for the upcoming Olympic competitions, including the summer Games of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. However, the head of the service information OCD Konstantin Vybornov reported that, as the Committee has funds to accounts in other banks, the current situation will not affect the preparation of Russian teams for competitions.

As previously reported in the media, among the clients of VPB, whose money stuck in a Bank, was and government agencies, as GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia and the Central office of the Moscow patriarchs.