CEC: cameras at polling stations may be set at “the highest political decision”

CEC: cameras at polling stations may be set at “the highest political decision”

MOSCOW, January 22. Polling stations on election of deputies of the state Duma on September 18 can be equipped with video cameras, will be made only if “the highest political decision”. This was reported in an interview with CEC member Maya Grishina of Russia.

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She recalled that the law “On elections of deputies of the state Duma” it is possible to use video cameras. The CEC member pointed out that spending on the installation and operation of video cameras are great.

“Given the financial situation in the country at the camera locations can be established only as a result of higher political solution, maybe then there will be found some financial reserves,” said Grishin.

She added that the presidential elections in 2012, video cameras, broadcasting the image on the Internet, were established by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Money on the appropriate equipment on polling stations has to select a government. “And so it did, should accept the decision of the higher state organs. The Ministry of Finance cannot on its own initiative to look for money. Must be special order. Now nothing in the budget for this theme is not provided,” – said Grishin.

Duma elections held on 18 September 2016 under a mixed system: 225 deputies will be elected on party lists, yet the same in single-mandate constituencies. At the same time in 38 regions will have elections for legislative assemblies. In six regions – Karachaevo – Circassia, Komi, Tver, Tula, Ulyanovsk regions and Chechnya – elections of heads of regions. In addition, numerous planned municipal campaign.

The full text of the interview is available on the website.