Siluanov considers necessary structural reforms for growth of the Russian economy

Siluanov considers necessary structural reforms for growth of the Russian economy

MOSCOW, January 22. For the growth of the Russian economy requires structural reforms, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov the Russian Federation on the expanded Board of the Ministry of Finance.

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“Today is a difficult time, a test of strength… In contrast to 2008-2009, when prices dipped, and then there was a rebound and there were no such commitments (budget), in the current situation, the peculiarity is that in “manual” the years we have accumulated a large amount of commitments and the rebound is not planned”, – said the Minister.

According to him, “the situation is somewhat more complicated, but we have to make structural reforms” and “mobilized”. “All measures in the field of fiscal policy, financial regulation, aims to ensure the stability of Finance in this difficult time”, – said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, budgetary spending must be adjusted to new conditions, the Ministry of Finance prepares the medium – and long-term changes. “We see the need to prepare new strategy of the government activity that will proceed from those possibilities which are at state,” he said at the expanded Board of the Ministry of Finance.

“From the point of view of the budget we see that we can’t redistribute through the budget the enormous amount of resources, which was formed at the expense of oil and gas revenues, which are now much smaller, and non-oil revenue,” added Siluanov.

Measures to facilitate business

The Finance Minister noted that the Ministry has sufficient tools to develop measures to simplify conditions for doing business.

“The Finance Ministry has a large Toolkit that creates the basis to ensure that we could develop common measures to facilitate business, which works with state administrators of trade, to simplify the work of enterprises”, he said the decision to create a single administrator of tax and non-tax revenues.

Earlier Siluanov reported that the full integration of information systems of the Federal customs (FCS) and Federal tax (Federal tax service) of services will happen within two years. Thus, the challenge now is for the Ministry of Finance to analyze business processes in the part of the fiscal functions of customs and tax authorities, to understand whether there are related processes, which processes are duplicated and may be eliminated.

On the basis of the Federal tax service will create a single centre for the administration of tax and non-tax payments, which will also include FCS and Rosalkogolregulirovanie.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transition of the Federal alcohol market regulatory service and the Federal customs service under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. In early December address to the Federal Assembly, the President set a task to create a system of unified administration customs, tax and other government payments. –