Expert: massive layoffs in the companies of Moscow this year is not expected

Expert: massive layoffs in the companies of Moscow this year is not expected

MOSCOW, January 25. Experts in the labour market do not foresee massive layoffs in 2016. About this informed the head of the research services of the portal to find job vacancies Mariya Ignatova.

“At the end of last year about 30% of the companies announced the planned cuts, but not mass one or two. The majority of the organizations reported that will not change the state of the employee’s salary. Until they adopt this policy, but the last month is slightly troubling in terms of the exchange rate, therefore many people can panic, but mass layoffs we don’t wait because last year everyone could be reduced, already reduced,” – said Ignatov.

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Speaking about the situation in the labour market this year, it noted that “while early to speak, January is not a very illustrative month, but now we can see the increased supply to job 2% compared with January last year.” “Last year this indicator was on average minus 5-10%. Most difficult was the March that took place when the main wave of cuts, minus 30%. This year we expect the dynamics of the zero minus 5 – plus 5%”, – she added.

According to Ignatova, in average update and submit their CVS about 660 thousand Muscovites, of which only 10-20% are actively looking for work. “Last year the number of vacancies decreased by 13%, but this figure still turned out better than we expected. For one vacancy there were ten people, when earlier claimed five,” said she.

Ignatov added that the most difficult thing now is to find the work of specialists in the sphere of services, construction, extraction of raw materials, in the automotive market. Stable demand IT-specialists, doctors, workers: fitters, turners.