Food prices in the northwestern Federal district since the beginning of year has increased slightly

Food prices in the northwestern Federal district since the beginning of year has increased slightly

In St. Petersburg the rise in prices for main categories of products has not exceeded 1% since the beginning of the year. From the 4th quarter of 2015 is slowly but steadily rising prices for the cheapest products – eggs and dairy products.

St. PETERSBURG, 25 APR –. A sharp rise in food prices early in the year in the North-West Federal district has not occurred. Some products slightly increase in prices, many prices remained unchanged and prices for certain products has decreased.

Products in St. Petersburg is rising, but slowly

The growth of prices for major product categories in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the year did not exceed 1%. According to representatives of management of large retailers, the 4th quarter of last year are slowly but surely growing the prices of the cheapest products: chicken eggs, dairy products and others. On these categories now toggles the main consumer demand.

One or two of the ruble increased the prices of chicken eggs. So, a dozen eggs in the “Magnet” is already 61 of the ruble, in the stores network “Faithful” — from 59 rubles. A liter of milk in the “Magnet” can be purchased for 53 rubles, in the “Right” and “Tape” it is cheaper, from 40 rubles.

Virtually unchanged the price of sugar, a kilogram of which in the “Magnet”, “Right” and “Tape” can be purchased at prices ranging from 47 rubles. The price of black bread still ranges from 30 to 45 rubles, rice — from 39 to 149 rubles, buckwheat — from 39 to 92 rubles, pasta from 35 to 55 rubles.

The potatoes fell in the “Magnet” kilogram can be bought at the price of 13 rubles, in the “Right” — from 17 roubles, in “the Tape” — 28 rubles. The increase in the price of other vegetables are practically invisible, but their high cost is defined winter season: a kilo of tomatoes and cucumbers is from 200-239 rubles, the prices for onion and garlic.

In urban markets prices for the products remain unchanged. According to sellers, the price of tradable goods have been rewritten before the Christmas holidays, and to change prices in January they are not in a hurry.

Strong demand for equipment, which was observed last year in some cities, in the shops of the Northern capital not.

In Murmansk has added value carrots and apples

A sharp jump in prices in the Murmansk region during the last month did not happen, although nearly all groups of goods increased slightly in price. According to Murmanskstata, most of all added in the price of carrots – by 4.1%, apples – by 1.0%, onion – by 1.8%. A little more expensive fresh cabbage, frozen meat.

Butter rose in price for 10 rubles to 499 rubles per kilogram, for three of the ruble became more expensive than sunflower oil, the cost of a dozen eggs increased by 4% 72,26 rubles.

At the same time, slightly cheaper beef and chicken. The price of bread, milk and cereals has not changed.

In Kaliningrad cheaper vegetables

Managers of large stores in Kaliningrad predict that the sharp drop in the ruble may have an impact on retail prices in the near future, but until that happens. If you compare how much worth products in the Western region before the New year, many noticed that today potatoes, onions and apples is even cheaper. For example, today a kilo of potatoes at the supermarket about 15 roubles, apples – from 55 roubles. Remained unchanged the price of bread, dairy products, chicken, rice, and buckwheat.

In the excitement, similar to that observed at the end of 2014, today. “Tired to be afraid, whether of money after a long break people do not” joke sellers.