Growth in food prices in the southern Federal district: slowly but surely

Growth in food prices in the southern Federal district: slowly but surely

The cost of the minimum food bundle in the Kuban region increased by 11.3% and amounted to 3.7 thousand rubles. In Kalmykia the price of the kit is estimated at 3.3 thousand rubles, about the same price recorded in the Volgograd and Rostov regions.

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia/SOCHI/KRASNODAR, 25 Jan –. Food prices in the cities of the southern Federal district is gradually creeping up. Especially noticeable was the increase in the cost of products in the Krasnodar region, the lowest growth of prices is recorded in Kalmykia. According to the state statistics, the cost of the minimum set of food products in the regions of the SFD at the end of 2015 increased compared with data for December 2014 from 5 to 11%.

So, the most expensive minimum food set – Kuban: it costs a little more than 3.7 thousand rubles, the price growth in the region by December of the previous year was 11.3%. The lowest price increase (5.3%) was recorded in Kalmykia – where the cost is estimated at 3,3 thousand roubles. About the same price fixed in the Volgograd region and Rostov region. Approximately on 100 roubles more expensive in the Republic of Adygea and the Astrakhan.

Kuban: wave-like upward motion

On Kuban the prices at the beginning of the current year compared with the end of last year on most of the main types of food gradually increased. For example, on 11 January 2016 compared to the end of December last year, rose by 7.7% apples, 4.3% white rose, fresh cabbage, over the same period by 3.2%, the prices of the potatoes. At the same time the cost of sugar fell 1%. The price of other types of products have changed so significantly.

By the end of January food prices in the region gradually began to decline. Thus, according to Krasnodarstat, the cost of a kilogram of pork on January 18 compared with the previous week fell by 1.3%, potatoes fell by 1.5%, onions fell in price by 2.3%, slightly less significantly decreased the price of frozen intact fish (1%), apples (0.5%), chicken eggs (by 0.8%), butter (0.5%). During this same time, rose in price fresh green head cabbage – 1.3 %, rose black tea by 0.6%. The prices of other products remained at the same level.

Thus, on 18 January, the average price on the Kuban per kilogram of pork was a little over 260 rubles, the average price of potatoes to 25.5 rubles per kilogram, onion – 26.6 per ruble, the cost of a dozen eggs – 69 rubles, a kilogram of black baikhovi tea will cost 740 rubles. Moreover, for most commodities the highest average price was recorded in Sochi and Tuapse, and the lowest in Armavir.

Volgograd region: more expensive than expected

Despite the fact that in the Volgograd region the food prices at the beginning of 2016 compared to the end of 2015 fell in the second half of the month prices were steadily increasing. Thus, according to Volgogradskaja, compared with December meat prices rose by 1-5 rubles, fish, milk, eggs – on 2 roubles, and the bread still costs around 40 rubles. The cereals and pasta became cheaper on average by 1-2 rubles. Decreased prices for vegetables.

According to an employee of one of the largest grocery retail chains in the region, almost all goods have risen considerably. After comparing prices with 2012, he noted that the price increase was about 200%. When compared with last year, prices rose by 10-15%. The reason, according to him, was inflation, which exceeded the expected level.

In an unstable situation with the exchange rate and subsequent price increase of the trade network are trying to convince customers of the benefits of purchase and hold shares and arrange discounts. For example, one of the largest in the southern trading network “Radezh” announces discounts up to 50% on some products.

Don and Kalmykia: slight increase

The prices of basic foodstuffs in the Rostov region since the end of last year has changed slightly. Thus, according to Roscomstat, in mid-January has been a slight decrease (within 1%) compared to December of last year, including cereals and beef. The price of onions, carrots, cabbage, apples and sugar have grown in the range of 1-3%. At the end of January the price growth for the same food preserved and amounted to 1-2% compared to the previous week.

The cost of food in Kalmykia in the current year also rose, albeit marginally. According to territorial body of statistics, the price has increased for all types of meat within a few rubles per kilogram, steel is slightly more expensive sausages, almost all dairy products, tea and apples. This fell a little eggs and grits.