KamAZ launches the conveyor after the winter break

KamAZ launches the conveyor after the winter break

KAZAN, January 25. /Corr. Alexei Ugarov/. KamAZ begins truck Assembly, running the factory in Naberezhnye Chelny after the winter break. About it the correspondent of TASS spokesman of plant, Oleg Afanasyev.

KamAZ goes to work after the winter break on January 25 in accordance with the vacation schedule, approved by the Directorate,” said Afanasiev. According to him, the end of the month the plant will operate without downtime.

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KamAZ almost twice will increase investment in the development of the company in 2016

“We have formed a sufficient portfolio of orders for January, eliminated downtime,” explained the spokesman. Earlier on 28 and 29 January were declared to be days of downtime, the staff has been informed beforehand.

In December 2015, the Board of Directors of KAMAZ has approved business plan of the company for 2016. According to him, the company intends to implement in the coming year 32 thousand cars. By the end of 2015 KAMAZ sold 29 thousand trucks, including 22 thousand in the domestic market. Net income in 2016 is projected to be $ 51 million rubles on revenue 112,1 billion rubles.

According to the forecasts of marketers of KAMAZ, the implementation in 2017 will amount to 40.2 thousand cars in 2018 – 50,2 thousand cars. Sales growth is based on forecast of development of Russian market of heavy trucks. The sales of trucks in Russia in 2016 will be approximately 40 thousand cars in 2017 – 51 thousand cars in 2018 – 62 thousand cars.

According to these projections, the share of KAMAZ in the Russian market of trucks will continue to increase. “In 2016 it could reach 55% in 2017 – 56%, in 2018 – 57%,” – said the press service of KAMAZ.

KamAZ is a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia, manufactures over 40 models of trucks and trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units and different tools. In the technological chain of KAMAZ group consists of 11 major automobile manufacturing plants and support divisions.