Putin urged to heed the findings onf the extravagance of the authorities in the regions

Putin urged to heed the findings onf the extravagance of the authorities in the regions

STAVROPOL, January 25. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the competent authorities must heed the conclusions of the Russian popular front (onf) made in the preparation of the “index of waste” of the authorities in the regions.

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“The activists of the project “For fair procurement”, which analyzed the purchases of 100 customers from 40 regions of the country, introduced the index wastefulness of state authorities and companies in 2015, he said, speaking at the inter-regional forum of the popular front. – I believe that the relevant bodies, including those responsible for the fight against corruption, need to pay close attention to see, to listen to this information, these facts, which provided the popular front”.

The head of state noted that the popular front is planning to hold in 2016 a further three similar forum. “I hope and think it will give the opportunity to share information, to more deeply study and analyze the situation in different regions, to assess what is happening,” he said.

Putin expressed confidence that in the process of preparing the forums to onf will join other concerned and active people who have in each settlement.

He stressed that at the sites of onf will be to discuss the issues of increasing the availability and quality of health, education and housing. Also among the potential themes mentioned by the President, the quality of roads, procurement, borrowers ‘ rights. “Involvement of new people from the regions to these and other such projects onf, of course, will benefit our common cause”, – he stressed.

What is the Index of extravagance

January 20, onf released the so-called Index of the extravagance of governments and of state-owned companies for 2015, which is prepared in the framework of the project Front “For fair procurement”.

According to the press service of the Front, “the total amount of all purchases that fall in the final Index, amounted to 2.54 billion rubles,” his “involved” more than 100 customers from 40 regions of the Russian Federation.

The Index consists of 8 sections: “the Purchase of vehicles; Corporate events and banquets”, “Souvenirs”, “Purchase of Charter flights”, “Purchase furniture”, “the Policy of voluntary medical insurance”, as well as two new sections – “Purchase of chairs” and “car hire”.

In particular, according to onf, the section “Purchase of vehicles” was headed by the organization “TTK-Svyaz” is, which is a subsidiary company of JSC “Russian Railways”. She purchased the Mercedes-Benz S 500 L 4MATIC for 8,88 mln, indicated in the documents submitted to the onf. In the section “car hire” the first line took the government of the Vologda region, signed with the budgetary establishment “the transport company” the contract on rent of passenger car brand Lexus LX570 by price 1611 rubles per hour. But, for example, in the section “Purchase of chairs” the leader was the establishment of “Information technology centre of the Federal tariff service”, “who took the chair at 254,76 thousand rubles,” explained the front.

“”Index of waste” is a public instrument of control over expensive procurement authorities and state companies”, – explained the head of the project “For fair procurement” Anton Guetta. According to him, “regulation, which entered into force on 1 January 2016, was postponed three times, and introduced regulations still leave many loopholes for the purchase of luxury”.

Discussion of the proposals of the popular front with the governors

Putin expressed his intention to discuss with the authorities of the regions proposal, which will be prepared on the onf forums.

“I’m not limited to only meeting with activists of the popular front. According to the results of your work, after analysing the materials that you are necessarily going to gather in Moscow my colleagues – heads of subjects of Federation, to examine with them your suggestions, to see what really can be implemented. And then at the end of the year will be to examine what has been accomplished by joint efforts, and that there is no, and why,” Putin said.

The President reminded that onf this year will play three inter-regional forum that will more deeply analyze the situation in the regions of Russia. He noted that the results of passing in these days the discussion is generalized, developed proposals to address the most pressing issues, “and this approach should be continued in future inter-regional conferences”, and by the end of the year to analyze and sum up what has been done to solve the problems of the regions.

Putin noted that over the years, onf has proved its effectiveness and relevance, has gained the trust of the citizens. “Of course, you need to build relationships with local Executive authorities and regional authorities. It is obvious that not everywhere you are greeted with joy, sometimes just the opposite, as you often highlight the acute problems, while government authorities at various levels have failed to address,” said Putin. The President added that “now a lot of difficulties, but they cannot serve as an indulgence for indifference to people”.

Putin pointed out that critical issues that affect the onf activists, care about people, “and this is the most convincing argument to continue your work”.