United Russia and a just Russia agreed on the agreement on navarros during elections

United Russia and a just Russia agreed on the agreement on navarros during elections

MOSCOW, January 24. United Russia and a just Russia supported the proposal of the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities Igor Barinov to enter into the agreement on refusal from playing the national card in the electoral campaign for the elections to the state Duma. The Communists and the liberal Democrats are sceptical.

The correct call

“Playing the national card not only during elections but also in the rhetoric of ordinary life contradicts a number of laws that have been adopted. Because appeals to national hatred and intolerance shall be regulated by law (and shall entail criminal liability – approx.)”, – recalled in an interview with the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Affairs of nationalities, head of Interregional coordination Council of “United Russia” in the Caucasus region hajimete the Safaraliev.

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Therefore, he said, “that was not on every occasion appeals to the courts, incomprehensible moments in principle it is (would be) rational and reasonable decision to enter into such an agreement between the parties and not to play this card: one set in one light, others in another, some “accidents”, other “oppressors” and so on”.

Noting that “national relations is a very delicate matter,” Safaraliev recognized that sometimes appeals to them can “bring some votes (in the elections), but in the end can badly affect the overall situation in our social environment.”

“All this will cause confusion in society and do no good. And the elections will have a scandalous tone” – he concluded.

Ready to attach to such an agreement “Fair Russia”. “While the national map of potential problem, as none of the political parties its not an act, but in such a multinational country as Russia, such a temptation is”, – said the first Deputy head of the faction of just Russia in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov. Especially because, in his words, “enemies in the West” ready to contribute actively to national civil strife to destabilize Russia.

“Therefore, the appeal is very timely, correct. We support him and are willing to act in this direction”, – declared spravoross.

The CPRF and the LDPR criticized

Meanwhile in the Communist party and the liberal Democrats attacked the proposal to criticism.

“We have dissolved the national question in all things, in its pure form it is not” – said the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov.

He also said that to combat the incitement of ethnic hatred is the law, “there are legal restrictions, there is an article on extremism”.

“The party should agree among themselves if they are going to limit yourself, but this shall not engage the Minister of the government, especially headed by the leader of the party “United Russia”, – said the representative of the CPRF leadership.

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According to him, the head of the Federal Agency “should be engaged in the functional responsibilities and recommendations to both parties” not to impose the agenda. “This intervention in the political process,” says butts.

“We have no specific agreements have not discussed, but the national question in Russia is one of principle. One of the slogans at the election of the liberal democratic party: “We for poor, we for Russian!”. We are not ready to abandon this position and don’t consider that playing the national card,” said, for his part, the Deputy head of fraction the liberal – Democrats in the Duma, the head of the Committee on public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov.

In his words, “attempts to hide behind a smokescreen of tolerance to anything will not lead.” “The Constitution should be mandatory mention of the Russian people, which is still there. In the multinational country until gosudarstvovanie Russian people will not live a decent life, no full development neither in politics nor in economy, nor in social sphere. Conclusion all of these covenants and various agreements of no effect will not give,” – said Nilov.

Suggesting parties

Earlier, addressing the forum of the Russian popular front in Stavropol, Igor Barinov expressed concern that “interethnic and interfaith relations will be used in the elections as the issues that can bring this or that political force any dividends”.

“We will try to take on a coordinating role for all political forces that will compete for mandates in the State Duma signed inter-party agreement that this topic is in any case can not be subject of obtaining political dividends. To all this must be taboo”, said he.