A bill to ban in Russia collection agencies introduced in the state Duma

A bill to ban in Russia collection agencies introduced in the state Duma

MOSCOW, January 26. A bill prohibiting the extrajudicial debt recovery by the lender from the borrower, including through collection agencies, submitted to the Duma. The draft amendments to the law “On consumer credit (loan)”, developed by deputies of Zakopane St. Petersburg hosted today in the electronic database of the lower house.

According to the deputies of St. Petersburg, article 15 “characteristics of committing actions aimed at the repayment of indebtedness” of the law “On consumer credit (loan)” does not regulate properly the activities of collectors. In this article, in particular, are the ways of claiming the debt from the borrower by the lender or legal person with whom the lender concluded an Agency agreement. Such measures include telephone calls, personal meetings, mail messages and SMS.

Parliamentarians propose to exclude specified article as “stimulating the growth of crime and causes of violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens”.

In accordance with the proposal of the deputies of the legislative Assembly, claims the lender to the borrower about the repayment of debt under the agreement of a consumer loan (loan) should only be considered in court.

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Own moral compass

As previously reported, the St. Petersburg Deputy Vitaly Milonov asked the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church to give a moral assessment of the activities of collection agencies.

“Our society today needs clear moral guidance on the issue. You must give a clear signal about the inadmissibility of this phenomenon for Orthodox Christians – said Milonov. – Relying on the implicit authority of the ROC in society, should be clearly and ambiguously say “collection” will never find approval from the Church. This activity is sinful in its essence, there’s not a drop of Christian morality”.

According to Milonov, the last year we can observe how the activities of collectors is becoming more and more cynical and inhumane, regardless of the size of the debt. “I know for a fact of cases where employees of these “financial institutions” in the most flagrant manner required with older people, participants of the great Patriotic war, the blockade, to repay the debt in the amount of 300-600 rubles”, – he explained.