Care Chaly is postponed for two weeks, the report Menyailo – indefinitely

Care Chaly is postponed for two weeks, the report Menyailo – indefinitely

SEVASTOPOL, January 26. /Corr. Janina Vaskovsky/. In Sevastopol on Tuesday, there were two expected key events in the political life of the city: approved the resignation of the speaker of the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly and indefinitely postponed the consideration of the report of the Governor Sergey meniailo on the work of the government.

The Resignation Chaly

The resignation of Alexei Chaly to the post of Chairman of the legislative Assembly at the session of the city Parliament was read by the chief of staff Sergey Gradirovsky. Chaly himself at this time in the meeting room was not present, was not there and Menyailo.

According to Gradirovsky, Chaly’s statement about his resignation as Chairman came at a meeting on December 29, 2015. Then the speaker announced his resignation, citing the decision to the failure of the program of development of Sevastopol legislative and Executive branches of government.

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After the announcement of the application Chaly meeting of the legislative Assembly was declared closed.

Advisor Chaly, Alexei Filimonov then told reporters that the decision on resignation of the legislative Assembly will adopt at the next meeting, which will take place approximately two weeks later. This is a requirement of the regulations, he said.

Previously Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Ekaterina Altybaeva has told reporters that the resignation will be considered at the same meeting, which will be announced in a written statement. “If the written resignation will be announced, will decide whether to release him from his post,” said Altybaeva January 13. At the same time it expressed doubt that the deputies will be satisfied with the statement by Chaly.

The leader of the faction “United Russia” in legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Aksenov in an interview not dare to predict the outcome of a possible vote on the resignation. “We have not discussed on the faction how we will vote. Candidates to replace is also not discussed. I believe that we should not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how will develop the events. It’s not every day the Chairman of the Parliament of the subject of submit an application about his resignation, so there to get excited it is impossible,” – said Aksenov.

The Report Menyailo

Chaliy declined to comment to journalists about his resignation, but at the same time spoke about the failed report to the deputies Menyailo.

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“I have a feeling that the Governor just smalodushnichal. And the requirement to submit the questions of the deputies in writing at all outside review. Let us and answers, in writing, will write. I am a Deputy, I was elected local residents, and I will demand from the Executive authority reporting,” – said Chaly.

Report of the Governor was withdrawn from the agenda because Menyailo asked the legislative Assembly to develop, in the framework of the rules of procedure report of the Governor.

As explained by the press Secretary of the Governor Cyril Moskalenko, your written report Sergey Menyailo gave the deputies in the middle of December and he expected them to written questions, but never received.

“The report was submitted by the Governor to the legislature in writing in mid-December. Sergei Menyailo is ready to personally report to the deputies, but in this case it is necessary to regulate the speech of the mayor. The deputies had enough time to review the document and prepare questions for the mayor, but this did not happen. As soon as the deputies will be ready, the mayor will report in front of them”, – said Moskalenko.

The intrigue remains

The intrigue of the situation added meniailo, which appealed to Chlomo not to resign.

“I’m surprised by this decision of Alexei Mikhailovich. I had hoped that after his emotional statements before the New year he will abandon thoughts of resignation. Its credibility and the energy necessary to the city and the party “United Russia”, where thousands of his supporters. Yes emergency situation that is going through the Sevastopol, this is not the time for such decisions. I ask Alexei Mikhailovich to remain in the service and to engage in peaceful constructive work”, – reads the statement of the Governor published on the website of the government of Sevastopol.