Lavrov: the actions of the Russian VKS helped to turn the tide in Syria

Lavrov: the actions of the Russian VKS helped to turn the tide in Syria

MOSCOW, January 26. The actions of the Russian Air and space forces (VKS) really helped to turn the tide in Syria. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at a press conference at the end of the year.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

One of the key moments of 2015 was the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the formation under UN auspices of a broad anti-terrorist coalition, said the Minister.

“The actions of the Russian space forces – in response to the appeal of the Syrian leadership – really helped to turn the tide in the country, helped to provide a controlled contraction of the terrorists from space, – said Lavrov. – Clear picture of who is fighting with terrorists and their supporters and attempts to use them in their selfish purposes.”

The UN Secretariat should give honest and detailed reports on implementation of UN security Council resolutions on the suppression of the financing of terrorism, Lavrov said.

“Our active participation in the fight against terrorism contributed to the adoption of several important UN security Council resolutions aimed at suppressing the financing of terrorism, to curb the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters. We are seeking honest execution and honest, detailed reports of the UN Secretariat on how and who carries out their obligations under these important documents”, – said the Minister.

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Moscow believes is a great mistake to put the fight against terrorism preconditions, also said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“If we are to ensure inclusiveness, if all players will not be insulated, and will be invited to the negotiating table – that is probably the key to any situation that needs to be addressed, whether it is Ukraine, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, conflicts in Africa, he said. And this principle demanded to fight terrorism”.

According to the Minister, attempts to furnish a joint fight against terrorism, for example, in Syria a condition for the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad – “a big mistake”. “Another aspect is the negotiability of the politicians. This is a problem in a number of cases,” added the Minister.

Operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

The Russian military launched operation against the militants is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist organizations “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” in Syria, 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the air group included more than 50 aircraft in operation in early October, were engaged by ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation, who attacked the terrorists with a cruise missile from the Caspian sea. Since the beginning of military actions of the Russian pilots destroyed more than 2 thousand objects of the militants. To participate in a ground operation, Russia does not intend.

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