Lavrov: the plans of the Islamists are a threat to the entire global security

Lavrov: the plans of the Islamists are a threat to the entire global security

MOSCOW, January 26. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov drew attention to the dangers posed by the plans of the Islamists to create a Caliphate from Portugal to Pakistan.

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They “openly declare plans to establish a Caliphate from Portugal to Pakistan,” the Minister said at the final press conference. “This is a real threat not only to regional but to global security,” said Lavrov.

“Russia in these circumstances sought to be active as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, – said the head of Russian diplomacy. – We acted, not only defending our national interests, but also realizing their responsibility for the state of Affairs in the world.”

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One of the key moments of 2015 was the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the formation under UN auspices of a broad anti-terrorist coalition, said the Minister. The UN Secretariat should give honest and detailed reports on implementation of UN security Council resolutions on the suppression of the financing of terrorism, Lavrov said.

“Our active participation in the fight against terrorism contributed to the adoption of several important UN security Council resolutions aimed at suppressing the financing of terrorism, to curb the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters. We are seeking honest execution and honest, detailed reports of the UN Secretariat on how and who carries out their obligations under these important documents”, – said the Minister.

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