Lavrov: US interest, so they have less competition

Lavrov: US interest, so they have less competition

MOSCOW, January 26. Need common “reset” international relations, all countries of the world reaffirmed their commitment to the UN Charter, and the question of a new relationship with the United States to address Washington. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference dedicated to the results of 2015.

“It is important some General rules to follow, to the “reset” was common to all gathered and reaffirmed their commitment to the UN Charter”, – he said, commenting on the prospects of normalization of relations with Washington.

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“The question (about the “reset” of relations with the US) not to us. Under President George W. Bush – in a personal relationship – our bilateral relations have reached a very, very low, – said Lavrov. When did President Barack Obama, they suggested a reset, which means that they themselves are aware of the abnormality of relations”.

According to him, all positive developments quickly began to wane. “They say now: let us live up to the “Minsk-2″ and everything immediately returns to normal, we will cancel the sanctions and opens attractive prospects of cooperation, – noted the Minister. – We are open for cooperation with all on equal and mutually beneficial basis.”

“I don’t want to have someone build a policy so that “Minsk-2” must be performed by Russia, not Ukraine, he said. – Contact with Victoria Nuland show that the United States is well versed in the essence of “Minsk-2”.

“What sanctions are extended, will be taken as consent of the West that Kiev does not fulfill the agreement,” he added.

“But the cooling of relations with the Obama administration’s and the termination of the “reset” began long before Ukraine, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – When we joined the WTO, the US realized that the amendment of Jackson-Vanik no longer profitable. But they wouldn’t be themselves if it was just cancelled, they came up with the “Magnitsky act”. The point in this case is not supplied, we hope that the truth will be known to all. Then there was the reaction to the situation with Snowden”.

“We don’t get offended, we have such traditions in the relations with States of no, – continued the Minister. – We understand that life is tougher all the schemes as a “reboot”. We understand that the U.S. is interested to have fewer competitors.”

Lavrov reminded that Moscow and Washington when you establish diplomatic relations at the insistence of the U.S. exchanged written assurances that the parties will not interfere in the internal Affairs of each other. “Recently proposed by the Americans to reaffirm these principles, they evaded the question, such a “restart” would be useful,” he said.

A big press-conference of Sergey Lavrov following the results of 2015. Text translation